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Pe'Shon Howard's Top Games as a Terp: Number 1 - College of Charleston

Our short series concludes with Howard's top game as a Terrapin.


#1: Maryland 75, Charleston 74

November 10, 2010

You guys knew it was coming. In fact, some of you guessed it when the series started. But that doesn't make it any less sweet. It seems fitting that for Pe'Shon Howard, a serviceable player whose career never quite put itself together, his most memorable game with Maryland was just the second one he played.

Maryland opened up Howard's freshman season with an easy 105-76 win over visiting Seattle, and the point guard contributed with five points, eight assists, three steals and three rebounds. Next up? The College of Charleston, led by head coach Bobby Cremins and star shooting guard Andrew Goudelock, serving as a surprise out-of-conference challenge for the Jordan Williams-led Terps.

As we've talked about throughout the series, even in his best games Howard was never the star, at least not by the numbers. In this case, that honor would undoubtedly go to Williams, who scored 26 points with 15 rebounds (on the other end, Goudelock had 27 with ten).

Fun fact: I was at this game, and can quite clearly remember thinking that with a point guard as solid as Howard, the Terrapins could so some serious damage. He shot six of seven from the floor, had 14 points with four assists and two steals, and even made a three-pointer.

With nine seconds left in the game and the Terps trailing by one, Pe'Shon got the ball near the Maryland bench. What happened next was a thing of beauty: cross to the left, spin to the right, step back and fadeaway for the win.

Here are highlights of the whole game.