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James Padgett's Top Games as a Terp: #2 - Boston College

Counting down Inspector Padgett's Top 3 Games at Maryland.

Mitch Stringer-US PRESSWIRE

As we wave farewell to our departing Terps basketball players, we’re looking back at their best games in a Maryland jersey. This series focuses on the only true senior from this past year’s squad, Brooklyn native James Padgett. This is the second installment, the first can be found here:

#3. February 16, 2012: Maryland 78 – Boston College 71

Padgett’s second best game as a Terrapin also came during his junior year (notice the trend). This time it was in the early part of the ACC season, against Boston College.

At this point in the year Padge was coming off the bench behind Berend Weijs and Ashton Pankey. It was two games after this showing in College Park that he would regain the starting role.

As second best games go, James put up very Padgett-esque numbers. For most players, even Padgett himself, 15 points and 8 boards wouldn’t be called exceptional. Yet in this game it wasn’t about the (albeit higher than normal) quantity, but the quality of his 27 minutes.

Padge never missed a field goal, going 5-for-5 from the floor. One of these buckets finished off a pretty behind-the-back pass from Nick Faust, who had a breakout game at the point position. Another was a 3-point play early in the second half that helped stifle an attempted comeback by Boston College, who were down 14 at the half before scoring the first six points of the second frame. Padgettt would add another 5 points from the charity stripe, where he shot 83 percent.

Above all, it was a solid, efficient effort from the big man, which embodied the whole game for Maryland. For one of the first times in the Mark Turgeon era the Terrapins outplayed a team they were expected to and put together a solid 40 minutes. It was the largest margin of victory for the Terps that year, and while much of the credit deservedly went to Terrel Stoglin, who had 23 points in the game, some must also go to James Padgett, steadfast in the post.