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Counterpoint - ACC Media Selections

I'm shocked Maryland and Stefon Diggs were given the shaft by the ACC Media - said no one.


Where to begin with this counterpoint? I don't know if this is some wacky "Troll Tuesday Wednesday" from the ACC Media or what, but let's begin with Monday's Media standings and Player of the Year vote.

1) ACC Atlantic Division standings

Atlantic Division
1. Clemson (102) 815
2. Florida State (18) 731
3. NC State 490
4. Wake Forest 392
5. Maryland 373
6. Syracuse 320
7. Boston College 211

Here's the problem: Maryland beat Wake Forest last year. Obviously, that shouldn't be the only criteria for judging how these teams will finish, but with a freshman quarterback the Terps managed to beat Wake Forest. Maryland get their starting quarterback back this season. They also added a serious threat in Deon Long to go opposite Stefon Diggs.

Not to mention, even with the losses on defense, Maryland will be in their second season under Brian Stewart on defense and should see some improvements there.

If we are talking schedule, they have just about the same schedule. Wake plays Miami which will be tougher than Maryland's game against Virginia Tech. Meanwhile, Maryland's rivalry game against Virginia should be tougher than Wake's game against Duke.

All-in-all, I'm shocked the media voted Wake ahead of Maryland. This isn't to say Wake doesn't have a good team, they do, but is it better than Maryland's? No.

2) Stefon Diggs garners zero votes for Player of the Year

First and foremost, I don't believe Diggs has a shot to win this award. Then again, I don't think anyone other than Tahj Boyd has a shot, so a vote for anyone else is really a wasted vote anyway.

However, if you voted for a quarterback other than Tahj Boyd, you over-thought it. If you voted for a defensive player, you probably over-thought it too.

Votes for Duke Johnson and Sammy Watkins are justified, but if you were going to vote for either one of them, where did Diggs rank on your list? With a real QB, and a receiver able to take pressure off him -- last year Kevin Dorsey did everything he could, but with inexperienced quarterbacks they barely looked anywhere but Diggs -- Diggs should have an even better season.

3) Stefon Diggs voted as specialist, not receiver, on All-ACC team

This is the most egregious error of the three. I'm fine with you putting Watkins ahead of Diggs, I think he deserves top billing as well.

Michael Campanaro? Not so much.

This isn't to say Campanaro isn't a good player, because he truly is, it's just that taking him over Stefon Diggs rings hollow. It doesn't make sense any way you look at it. Diggs was playing with all backup quarterbacks last season and managed better numbers, albeit it one extra game.

I agree with Dave (who made the argument on twitter) and Nicko (from earlier) that I would take Alex Amidon over Campanaro, too.

It all basically comes down to the same argument -- with a healthy C.J. Brown, Stefon Diggs and Maryland should be better this year.

Is this just the ACC's Carolina-centric bias showing or do you think the media have a point? Sound off in the comments.