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Maryland Minute - 7.18.13 - Is Maryland Focusing on a Big to Close Out 2014 Class?

After the Nickens commitment, Maryland shifted their focus away from guard Phil Booth and has now done so for Terry Larrier as well. Does that mean Maryland is going after a big to close out their Top 5 2014 basketball class?


<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p>Terry Larrier tells CSN that interest from the <a href=";src=hash">#Terps</a> has cooled off considerably. Maryland essentially out. Nickens commitment sealed it.</p>&mdash; Daniel Martin (@DMartinCSN) <a href="">July 18, 2013</a></blockquote>

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It certainly looks like that's the case. Phil Booth basically being out of the picture wasn't surprising or shocking, but with this confirmation from Terry Larrier that Maryland is basically out, it seems like they're going all-in on landing a big in 2014.

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Very interesting read. It's not for the reasons you think....

Eight baseball players won’t return to program - The Diamondback : Baseball
This is an Edsall-esque exodus. Wish those guys the best.

hite, Stinnett forgo pro careers for another try at postseason berth for baseball - The Diamondback : Baseball
But there is good baseball news - players like Charlie White chose to come back to Maryland and try to get the Terps back to postseason baseball.

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Phillip Suitts looks at former soccer players in the pros.

Different roles for ex-Terps Bernhardt, Farrell in MLL game Thursday - Baltimore Sun
Former Terps long-stick midfielder Jesse Bernhardt will face off against another former Terp - Brian Farrell, in a MLL game today. Pretty cool, especially since I know Brian (he's my cousin's cousin).

Maryland Football

If you haven't seen this new Maryland football promo, check it out. You'll want the season to start today. Cool motto too - Proud Past, Fearless Future. Maryland Football.