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Maryland Minute - 7.11.13 - Melo Trimble Continues to Improve

In today's Maryland Minute we look at Mel Trimble's continued improvement in all facets of his game, look at additional 2014 basketball targets, and compare Maryland's ACC schedule verses what they'll face in the B1G.

Because when you don't have a photo of a recruit, Testudo is the next best thing.
Because when you don't have a photo of a recruit, Testudo is the next best thing.

For Maryland recruit Melo Trimble of O’Connell, basketball never stops

"When I was 13, all I could do was shoot," Trimble said. "Some people say as long as you can shoot, you’ll be fine, but I want to be more than that. I want to dribble, get to the basket, make plays and do it all at the next level."

Heard Gary Williams yesterday on the Sports Reporters on ESPN 980 yesterday and he was talking about how kids have to have a drive to want to get better. He referred to Alex Len, saying that he can't settle for being a lottery pick; he has to keep working and keep improving. It looks like Trimble has that motivation. I wouldn't be surprised at all to see his stock continue to climb.

With bronze medal in tow, Maryland target Martin Geben turns attention to Peach Jam, recruitment
Alex Prewitt does a nice piece on 2014 Maryland basketball tarket Martin Geben.

Comparing Terps' ACC, B1G schedules - Big Ten Blog - ESPN
BREAKING NEWS..Maryland's B1G schedule is going to be harder than its ACC schedule. More at 11:00.

Hot-seat coaches who are being helped, hurt by their 2013 schedules - College Football - ESPN

Travis Haney has an Insider piece that includes Edsall, who's seat he says is "Simmering" but believe he can succeed this season.

Will Miami win 10 games? It's Time for ACC Win Total Predictions - State of The U

The folks at SBN's Miami Blog, State of the U", break down expected win totals for each ACC team. They have Maryland with 7-8 wins. They also discuss their favorite memories of each team's stadium and say the game against Miami on Labor Day, when the Pride Unis were born, was their favorite Byrd memory, despite them losing.

Football Schedule Preview: Maryland | FSView |

An F$U site previews the Seminoles match up with Maryland.

Georgia sophomores follow Lexie Brown's path to Maryland women's team -
Great piece on South Forsyth (Ga.) guard Sarah Myers and West Forsyth (Ga.) center Jenna Staiti, who both decided to follow Lexie Brown's path from Georgia to Maryland by making their commitments two years before they will graduate high school.

The remaking of the New Orleans Pelicans - Grantland

The Holiday deal indirectly resulted in the jettisoning of Greivis Vasquez, whom the Pellies will send to Sacramento as part of the Evans sign-and-trade. Vasquez is a solid offensive player. He's big for a point guard, and he has used his size to compensate for his glaring lack of quickness. He can throw tricky over-the-top interior passes, and he has developed a quirky arsenal of floaters to make up for not being fast enough to get to the rim consistently on the pick-and-roll. He has turned himself into just about a league-average 3-point shooter, a surprise development, assuming last season's improvement sticks.

h/t to @ckstevenson on twitter for bringing this article to our attention.

ESPN's Ratings Are Way Down This Year. What's The Matter In Bristol?
Why is this relevant? It just makes me wonder how sustainable ESPN is going to be if their ratings keep dropping like this. Are they going to be able to continue to pay out huge amounts of cash to conferences like the ACC? Does that make something like the B1G Network even more valuable? I think so, but might be reading too much into this.