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Logan Aronhalt's Top Games as a Terp: Number 3 -- UMES

Testudo Times takes a look back at Logan Aronhalt's top moments in his short career at Maryland.


You may should have read Molly's five-part series on Alex Len, highlighting his best games as a Terrapin. Pete came out with his first part of a three-part series for Pe'Shon Howard. This is my take on hired gun, Logan Aronhalt.

#3 Maryland 100, UMES 68

Mark Turgeon started three freshmen to give them some starting experience to prepare them for conference play. However, it was the wily vet off the bench who stole the show.

This was a close debate for me between this game against UMES, and the one that barely missed the cut -- the game against Georgia Southern -- but this game won out because Aronhalt had his second-highest scoring output of the season. It's also significant because Aronhalt recorded his only two-point basket, a layup -- yes, Aronhalt did attempt a shot around the basket and this game is proof -- in out-of-conference play.

Aronhalt wouldn't score another two-pointer until Jan. 22nd against Boston College.

We all know Aronhalt was brought to Maryland to be a three-point specialist after hitting 169 three-pointers in his three years at Albany. This game against UMES tied for the second-highest three-pointers made in his short time at Maryland.

Does it matter that this game came against arguably Maryland's worst opponent? A little, and that's why it's his third-best performance.

Aronhalt connected on his first shot of the game, but did most of his damage in the second half -- where he scored 11 of his 17 points. Aronhalt also dabbled a little on the defensive side of the ball, recording a steal (gasp).

Aronhalt had the sixth-best season ever shooting from behind the arc, finishing the season shooting 43.4 percent. He only averaged 4.8 shots per game, 3.8 of which were three's. Aronhalt was a player not a lot was expected from in the preseason coming from Albany, but he would up being a solid addition that, at times, was able to really contribute to the team.