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Out of the Shell: Interviewing Adrian Bowie

Testudo Times talks with another former Terp.

Mitchell Layton

After talking with Landon Milbourne a week ago, we had the opportunity to catch up with another former Terp: Adrian Bowie, fresh off a starring campaign in the German third division. After some time in the states with the Erie Bayhawks in the D-League and the Bay Area Shuckers of the APBL, Bowie went to Europe and played in Poland for a year with Polpharma. This past season he joined the Herten Lions, in the Bundesliga ProB league. He averaged 18.0 points per game, shooting 53.1% from the floor and 30% from beyond the arc, with 3.8 rebounds, 2.8 assists and 1.5 steals. We talked with him about his future plans and his takeaways from his time at Maryland.

Testudo Times: What's your experience been like in Europe on the court?

Adrian Bowie: My experience playing in Europe was a lot of fun and learning at the same time. Different role then playing at Maryland I was the scorer on the team and I enjoyed the role.

TT: What about off the court? What has it been like living in Germany?

AB: Living in Germany was a lot of fun, the culture and people made my time in Germany a time I will never forget. I became a better man living in Germany for eight months.

TT: How is the basketball culture different in those two countries there than in the US?

AB: Basketball is bigger here in the States compared to Germany. Futbol what Europeans call it "soccer" is the big sport in Germany.

TT: Are you returning to the Lions next year?

AB: I am not returning to the Lions next year looking to move up to higher league in another country just trying to play against the best.

TT: You had a very good year this season, what was it like to be able to be the top scoring option on a team?

AB: Being the top scoring option this year was a lot of fun for me. A different role from Maryland but I got to showcase what I can do offensively and gained a lot of confidence from the whole experience.

TT: You played some pro ball back here in the states, what was that experience like?

AB: Pro ball back in the states was alright, something to keep me in shape because my main goal was to play in Europe and go that route to eventually make an NBA team someday.

TT: What are some of your fondest memories from your time at Maryland?

AB: Some of my fondest memories at Maryland was of course beating Duke, UNC, VA Tech, and UVA my senior year when I played one of my best games as a Terp when we beat UVA at UVA.

TT: What are some of the larger experiences you think you gained from college?

AB: I learned a lot from Coach WIlliams, how to work hard, never give up, and just learning how basketball relates to everyday life. I gained a lot of friends from UMD that I will never forget.

TT: What was your reaction when Gary Williams retired?

AB: I was shocked when Coach WIlliams retired. I didn't expect him to retire after my graduation class but he's a legend and he did what was best for him.

TT: Have you been able to keep up with the program since you graduated?

AB: I always keep up with my Terps no matter where I am. I root for them and talk trash when we win. [Ed. Note: That's damn right.[

TT: What do you think of the direction the Terps are headed in?

AB: Direction of the Terps is looking really good. They have commitments from some real talented young guys for next years who should cause problems for the Big 10 teams.

TT: Do you keep in touch with any of your old teammates? If so, who?

AB: I try my best to keep in touch with guys but you know how it is people go in their own directions after college. Dino Gregory, Cliff Tucker, Ersin Levent, and David Pearman are the guys I keep in touch with the most.

Lastly, I want to thank the fans at UMD for all the love and support throughout my 4 years it meant a lot too me.

A big thanks to Adrian and we wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors.