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NBA Draft Open Thread - Will Maryland's Alex Len be Selected #1 Overall?

After months of speculation, mock drafts, player evaluations, and guessing, the NBA draft is finally upon us. Will Alex Len become the first Maryland player to be taken #1 overall since Joe Smith was selected by Golden State in 1995? We’ll find out soon enough.

Future #1 overall pick?
Future #1 overall pick?

When Maryland fans first heard about an unknown, skinny, 7’1" Ukrainian center that at the time Gary Williams was recruiting to College Park, it’s doubtful that most, if any, could have anticipated that a few years later we’d be debating whether he’d become the first Maryland player drafted #1 overall since Joe Smith in 1995. But that is the sort of aurora that’s surrounded Alex Len since he came to the United States to realize his dream of playing basketball; the unknown. It’s what surrounds the speculation as to where he’ll be drafted this evening - Is Len a tall, talented center, capable of being an NBA force down low, whose lack of consistently was a result of inferior point guard play? Or was his inconsistent play an indication that he’ll be unable to develop into and establish himself as the type of player worthy of being selected with the first pick in the NBA draft? We’ll find out what NBA teams think the answer to that question is shortly. Until then, what do you think? Is Len going #1? If not, who’s drafting him?

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