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BREAKING: Derwin Gray likely headed to prep school

Maryland will have to wait at least a year for their star incoming offensive lineman to hit the campus.


Four-star incoming offensive lineman Derwin Gray, one of the stars of Maryland's 2013 class, is likely headed to prep school after poor scores on his SATs, a source within the program has confirmed to Testudo Times. Gray will likely end up at a prep school.

Gray was expected to compete for a role early on, with Nick Klemm, Mike Madaras and Ryan Doyle as the largely inexperienced options available at tackle. Randy Edsall showed he was willing to play a true freshman on the line last season with Madaras, and Gray would have likely seen playing time this season.

Many Terrapins, like De'Onte Arnett, L.A. Goree and Nate Clarke, have gone the prep school route, and Fork Union is usually the school of choice for the program. There is no guarantee that those players going the prep school route will stay true to their commitment, but precedent with the Maryland program predicts that Gray will arrive in College Park next year.

Gray previously missed most of his junior year of high school with academic problems.

Gray was ranked the sixth-best offensive tackle in the nation last year by 24/7 Sports, and received offers from Auburn, Clemson, Florida and Florida State, among a litany of other top programs.

Edit: After publishing, we see that Alex Prewitt of the Washington Post tweeted this out about a minute before we hit publish. Here's the link.