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Maryland Minute - 6.24.13 - Alex Len, The Big Ten, and the NBA Draft

In today's Maryland Minute, Alex Prewitt tells you why Alex Len is awesome, Jeff Barker breaks down the B1G move, and did Maryland handle Len's injury correctly?


First and foremost, we want to welcome Todd Carton to the writing team at Testudo Times. You might know him better as FHFAN. We'd been working on bringing Todd on board for a while, but he's been out of town, so we just got things squared away. Here's his introduction in his own words:

Yes, Mike S., I am a diva and yes, longerthanu, I have been holding out for a fatter contract. Believe me Dave & Pete are sweating right now because my perks are tied to Alex Len's draft position. The higher he goes, the higher they go. Seriously, thanks very much to HughGR for all the good things he wrote and to everyone else who posted in support. I'd been in contact with Dave about becoming a staff writer for some time before the announcement. The reason I was (mysteriously?) silent during the announcement period is that I was on a long vacation traveling by train across Asia and when you're on a train in the middle of Siberia you don't have much internet access. I didn't even read about the other new writers until I got to Moscow last week. For those of you who don't know much about me, I've been a Terrapin fan since I was ten and that was almost 50 years ago. I didn't attend UMCP but the Terps were the first college team I rooted for and you never forget your first. This past academic year, I've written a lot about the non-revenue sports as a "fan poster" under the screen nameFHFAN. My name (and I've signed most of my posts for the is few months, is Todd Carton. I chose to write about these sports because I have a passion for them, because often these are sports where Maryland has success, and because I believe these student athletes deserve some recognition. I am truly looking forward to bigger and better things in my little niche come fall. Thanks Todd

Alex Len has journeyed far to chase his NBA dreams - The Washington Post
Alex Prewitt did a great profile on Alex Len heading into the NBA Draft. -Pete

University of Maryland looks to Big Ten move to boost athletic programs -
Jeff Barker does a great job of looking at the financial aspect of Maryland's conference move.

Jody Mac Talks NBA Draft With Jonathan Givony of
Worth a listen. Givony discusses Alex Len, his potential, and his climb up draft boards.

Big Ten vs. ACC in New York's Pinstripe Bowl set for 6 years -
Another B1G-ACC tie-in bowl. Another opportunity to play some former ACC rivals.

The B1G List: Ranking the State Capitals of the Big Ten | Eleven Warriors
Annapolis is vastly underrated here.

Did the University of Maryland do wrong by former center Alex Len? - Denver Stiffs
I certainly don't think so. Knowing Mark Turgeon, I can say with very little doubt that he'd never compromise a kids future just to win a few extra basketball games.

Testudo Times Roundup

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