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Maryland Minute 6.19.13 - Remembering Len Bias

On this day 27 years ago, Maryland and a family lost a great man. Today, we remember and reflect on the life of Len Bias.


Len Bias: In Memoriam - Testudo Times

Jake Nazar wrote a great piece on Bias today, in case you missed it. Please do check it out.

North Carolina vs. Maryland 12.01.1984 - YouTube
The entire 1984 MD-UNC game. Bias vs. Jordan. Watch it.

Len Bias - Steal at UNC - YouTube

One of my favorite Bias plays.

Alex Len interview with Bill Simmons & Jalen Rose - Testudo Times

Through Grantland, Bill and Jalen are doing interviews with nearly all lottery-esque players, including Alex Len. Important info from this video? Len played half the season with his injured foot, he talks about hating Duke, and about having to learn english on the fly. Might explain some of his inconsistent play.

h/t to tonystarks for finding this and doing a fan post on it.

Syracuse University Athletics - ACC Countdown: Maryland
Cool thing that Syracuse Athletics is doing, counting down to them joining the ACC. They preview Maryland today.

Terps football commit Andrew Gray brings tough streak to Maryland
Nice piece by Alex Prewitt on future Terp Andrew Gray.

SB Nation's 2013 college football preseason All-America teams led by Clowney, Alabama -
Our network of college football bloggers voted on the best players in the country as we enter 2013. Inside are our first-, second-, and third-team preseason All-Americans. Stefon Diggs checks in as a 2nd team WR, y'all.