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2014 Basketball Recruiting - Where Does Maryland Go From Here?

After securing their third commitment of 2014, where will Mark Turgeon and co. turn their attention to as they look to close out an impressive recruiting class?


After receiving their third commitment for 2014 in guard/wing Jared Nickens, Mark Turgeon and his staff will likely focus their attention on landing a front court player to close out one of Maryland's best recruiting classes in recent memory.

So where does Maryland stand in the 2014 class?

Romelo Trimble* Dion Wiley* Obi Enechionyia Abdul-Malik Abu Trayvon Reed
Rashad Vaughn Kevon Looney Martin Geben Chinanu Onuaku

Phil Booth Terry Larrier
Goodluck Okonoboh

Jared Nickens* Pascal Chukwu

* Verbally committed

After securing two great guards in Trimble and Wiley, guard/wing Jared Nickens joined them in the 2014 class, giving Maryland three players with fantastic shooting ability, especially from beyond the arc. That leaves one scholarship available in the 2014 class, assuming everyone on the current roster remains in College Park after next season.

The third scholarship in 2014 was kind of between Nickens and Booth, so when Nickens committed, there appears to be no room left for Booth at Maryland or Rashad Vaughn. The fourth and final scholarship in 2014 appears to be headed to a forward or center. Here's the breakdown of scholarships by year:

2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
None Evan Smotrycz (PF) Seth Allen (SG) Roddy Peters (PG) Romelo Trimble (PG)
Dez Wells (SF/G) Jake Layman (SF) Damonte Dodd (C) Dion Wiley (SG)

Nick Faust (SG) Charles Mitchell (PF)
Jared Nickens (G)

Shaq Cleare (C)

With a very guard-centric class, Maryland appears to be ready to land a center or forward in 2014, especially after Len's early departure for the pros. The Terps currently have 23 offers out to players, according to While I'm sure if someone like Rashad Vaughn wanted to suit up for Maryland, Mark Turgeon would be happy to let him, conventional wisdom would lead you to believe that adding another guard at this point is unlikely.

So who are Maryland's biggest targets for that last 2014 scholarship?




Position: PF
HS / Hometown: Kimball Union / Marblehead, Ma.
AAU: Expressions Elite
Measurables: 6-8 / 230

Rankings and Profiles:
ESPN: , #10 PF, #44 overall
Rivals: , #50 overall
Scout: , #15 PF
247: , #14 PF, #59 overall

Other Schools: Boston College, Cincinnati, Florida, Kansas, Miami, Michigan St., N.C. State, Temple, UConn, Wisconsin

Notes: Abu is a prototypical power forward, one of many in the 2014 class who impressed Mark Turgeon in the summer of 2012. He earned an offer from the Terrapins and promised a subsequent visit, launching himself into the stratus of Maryland's preferred '14 commitments.

Major Strengths: His physique is top-notch. A fairly big guy at 6-8 and 230 already, Abu has the size, strength, and athletic ability you want out of a modern day power forward. He doesn't have any qualms about throwing his body around down low and has a very good motor. He can be a difference-maker defensively, but he's a terror on the boards with his athletic ability and willingness to do the dirty work. Unlike Charles Mitchell, who's a quite similar player in many ways, he has great athleticism and the physical tools to be a starter at this level rather quickly.

Needs Improvement: He's still raw. Improving fast, but raw nonetheless. His offensive game consists almost solely of dunks around the rim, and defensively he can be fooled by a canny low-post player. While he still has plenty of time to grow, it's worth noting that if he stays at 6-8 he'd ultimately be a bit shorter than you'd like for someone who plays the way he does.

Odds: Maryland offered him before a lot of the other major schools like Kansas did, but the word is out now about his ability. Abu said Maryland was one of the schools going after him at the end of April, but with so many players available for just one spot, it will be interesting to see how much Maryland continues to pursue him.

Other videos: [1] [2]




Position: PF
HS / Hometown: Milwaukee Hamilton High / Milwaukee, WI
AAU: Expressions Elite
Measurables: 6-9 / 210

Rankings and Profiles:
ESPN: , #4 PF, #9 overall
Rivals: , #8 overall
Scout: , #3 PF, #14 overall
247: , #2 PF, #9 overall

Other Schools: Duke, Florida, Georgetown, Illinois, Kansas, Michigan, Michigan State, UCLA, Wisconsin

Notes: Kevon is a stud forward who can play either the 3 or 4, score around the basket, rebound, handle the ball, and hit a mid-range jumper. There's a reason why all of the major recruiting services have him as a 5-star recruit. He'll be a matchup nightmare for opposing teams.

Major Strengths: He can do just about everything you'd want out of a combo forward. He can score in a number of ways, he can rebound, he gets up and down the court, has the ability to create his own shot and he's unselfish.

Needs Improvement: He needs to bulk up and maybe be a little less selfish? Some observers have said they'd like to see him attack more when given the opportunity. He also needs to develop a more consistent outside shot.

Odds: There is some tough competition for Looney and rightfully so. Pretty much every major blue blood basketball school is after him, including Coach K and Duke. He's not going to be an easy recruit to land. One advantage for Maryland might be playing in the B1G, who has a footprint much closer to his home state of Wisconsin than any ACC school.




Position: PF
HS / Hometown: St. James / St. James, Md.
AAU: Team Takeover
Measurables: 6-8 / 200

Rankings and Profiles:

ESPN: , #36 PF

Rivals: , #70 overall

Scout: , #10 PF

247: , #19 PF, #86 overall

Other Schools: Indiana, Miami, Notre Dame, UMass, Xavier

Notes: Enechionyia, unlike many of the other names on this list, hasn't been a known commodity for very long; he popped up out of seemingly nowhere last year, finding himself impressing on the AAU circuit and picking up some big offers - including one from Maryland.

Major Strengths: He has really good length at 6-9 (and long arms to boot), but is likely to either be a wing or a face-up four at the next level. He can score from all three levels, with a somewhat consistent three-point shot, a mid-range game, and the ability to get to and finish at the rim. He's a very good and hard-working rebounder, as you'd expect from someone of his size. Has the tools to be dangerous defensively.

Needs Improvement: He's a bit in-between positions at the moment; I'm not sure he has the lateral quickness or handle to play full-time on the perimeter, but he also lacks the bulk and post moves to be a true four. He may figure that out in time, but it's worth noting. Wherever he ends up, he'd do well to develop a post-game, as he'll get a lot of mismatches with his length. Needs to keep impressing during AAU, as his high school competition is unremarkable.

Odds: Like many on this list, it may depend on how much Maryland pushes for him, something that we'll probably find out soon. There are plenty of contenders for the post spot in this class, so expect his 2013 summer performances to be a big factor. The fact that he's local could allow Turgeon and Co. to see him more in person as they continue to evaluate their 2014 options.




Position: C
HS / Hometown: Wilbraham And Monson Academy/ Wilbraham, MA
AAU: Mass Rivals
Measurables: 6-9 / 220

Rankings and Profiles:

ESPN: , #4 C, #19 overall

Rivals: , #34 overall

Scout: , #4 C

247: , #3 C, #22 overall

Other Schools: Duke, Indiana, Missouri, UConn

Notes: Goodluck could potentially end up as the best shot blocker in the 2014 class. He's super athletic, has a big wing span, and has a lot of potential to turn into a dominant force inside.

Major Strengths: He's really quick off his feet, runs the court well, and is extremely athletic. He's also very quick, allowing him to step out of the pant to contest shots but still rotate back to the rim with ease. Good rebounder.

Needs Improvement: His needs to bulk up some. He's listed between 205-220, so he probably should be adding some muscle, especially if he wants to develop a go to post move.

Odds: Goodluck's stock has exploded over the past year, with big programs like Duke coming on strong over the last few months. There is certainly going to be competition for his services. Again, Alex Len's draft position could be a huge factor here; if Len goes #1 overall, that's a huge selling point for Maryland. Although you always need some "Goodluck" when you're going against Coach K & Duke.




Position: C
HS / Hometown: Shiloh / Snellville, Ga.

AAU: Atlanta Xpress

Measurables: 7-1 / 210

Rankings and Profiles:
ESPN: , #9 C, #83 overall

Rivals: , #59 overall

Scout: , #6 C, #45 overall

247: , #4 C, #54 overall

Other Schools: Auburn, Florida, Florida St., Georgia, Georgia Tech, Miami, Tennessee, Wake Forest

Notes: Reed's the second big-time product from the Atlanta Under Armour-sponsored AAU team, and just like the last one - Robert Carter - Maryland figures to be a prominent factor. I'm not sure if post players are a huge need in this class, but if Maryland's looking for a giant to replace Alex Len, Reed's a good like-for-like fit. Reed's stock has definitely taken a slip over the past 6 months. He was once a 5-star on 247 and Scout, but has slipped on all of the major recruiting services. Regardless, he still remains a top 100 talent and would be a huge get for Mark Turgeon for 2014.

Major Strengths: He's listed at 7-1 and that looks legitimate; at worst he's 6-11. Throw in a huge wingspan and live legs, and he's probably effectively the longest player in the country in this class. He's athletic and runs the floor very well, which combined with his length makes him a monster on the break. As you'd expect, he's a terror as a shot-blocker and a good rebounder as well.

Needs Improvement: He's a beanpole at this point, but has added on ten pounds over the last six months. He might get pushed around by bulkier guys despite initially, but once he's able to add some more muscle, he'll be fine. He's also very raw; his offensive game at this point consists mostly of dunks and easy buckets around the rim, so he really needs to develop a go to post move. He's not really close to being a primary offensive weapon right now.

Odds: 247 seems to indicate that his interest is between Georgia, Auburn, and Maryland. Bino appears to be the one working on him. If Alex Len goes #1 overall to Cleveland, that certainly has to help Maryland's chances with someone like Reed.




Position: PF
HS / Hometown: St. Maria Goretti / Hagerstown, MD

AAU: Team Takeover

Measurables: 6-9 / 220

Rankings and Profiles:
ESPN: , #41 C, #76 overall

Rivals: Not Rated

Scout: Not Rated

247: , #22 PF, #98 overall

Other Schools: Marquette, Notre Dame, Temple, Villanova, Virginia, Xavier

Notes: Geben has been an under the radar type player in the same way Damonte Dodd was when Mark Turgeon found him. He's been blowing up on the AAU circuit with Team Takeover, which has gotten Maryland's coaching staff to pay him a visit to see him play in person. Geben probably has the biggest discrepancy between the four big recruiting evaluators, going from virtually non-existant on Scout to as high as a 4-star on 247.

Major Strengths: Geben's stock has definitely been on the rise and he seems to be a great rebounder who can score around the rim, but not necessarily on a consistent basis. Not too much is known about him.

Needs Improvement: Again, not too much is known about him, but he definitely needs to put on some size. He's not an elite athlete, but seems to be a solid worker who could improve over his career in college.

Odds: Maryland, Notre Dame and Virginia are probably the three biggest schools targeting Geben. He seems to be one of those guys who is going to continue to get more offers as more coaches find out about him. He could be a real possibility for Maryland, but I don't think he's necessarily the #1 player on their board for that last 2014 scholarship.




Position: SF
HS / Hometown: The Phelps School / Bronx, NY
AAU: Team Scan
Measurables: 6-7 / 200

Rankings and Profiles:
ESPN: , #14 SF, #59 overall

Rivals: No Rating


247: , #9 SF, #31 overall

Other Schools: ASU, Florida, FSU, Memphis, Minnesota, Oklahoma, PSU, Pitt, Rutgers, VCU, Villanova

Notes: Lots of upside. Terry has length, great court vision, and should be the type of player who will continue to improve throughout college.

Major Strengths: Great length and vision, but still has a good bit of untapped potential. Pretty decent shooter and good rebounder.

Needs Improvement: While he's handling of the ball is mostly good, he can sometimes let it get out of hand, while also rushing shots. He needs to bulk up as well.

Odds: Another under the radar player for the 2014 class, Maryland looks to be one of the best schools who's offered him thus far, but that list appears to be growing by the day. I think he again falls into the category of being kind of a 2nd tier 2014 target, assuming some of the bigger fish slip away.




Position: C
HS / Hometown: Fairfield College Preparatory / Fairfield, CT
AAU: Team Scan
Measurables: 7-2 / 210

Rankings and Profiles:
ESPN: , #5 C, #58 overall

Rivals: , #74 overall

Scout: , #9 C

247: , #5 C, #64 overall

Other Schools: Boston College, Georgetown, Syracuse, Temple, Villanova, UConn, Xavier.

Notes: You can't teach size, and Chukwu has a lot of it. At 7'1", he's developed into a great shot blocker and rebounder, and should continue to grow (both offensively and defensively) throughout his college career. He hasn't been playing basketball for too long, so that's where a lot of his potential will come from, as he continues to learn the game.

Major Strengths: His size, soft hands, ability to get up and down the floor are all great strengths. But his biggest upside is his size and athletic ability.

Needs Improvement: The fact that he's only 210 and weighs 7' 2". He definitely needs to add some muscle, while also working on his game around the rim, including his post moves.

Odds: Another top 50 player in the 2014 class, who's offerer list seems to be growing daily. I think he again falls into the category of being a 2nd tier 2014 target, but he's at the top of that 2nd group and Maryland has definitely been showing an interest.

As I mentioned earlier, Maryland has up to 23 offers out to 2014 recruits, so these by no means represent everyone Maryland is targeting. But this should give a good overview on some of the top remaining players in 2014 who could become the 4th member of that class. Again, other recruits will continue to pop up, such as Chinnanu Onuaku, a center from Upper Marlboro, MD.

As we mentioned throughout these profiles, Maryland appears to have almost two tiers of targets for that last scholarship spot. While it would be nice to land one of the remaining big fish, Turgeon and his staff have shown they can spot and identify talented players. Thus, even if we miss one some of the remaining big names, we'll hopefully end up with another Damonte Dodd or Seth Allen on our hands.

We'll know more as we discover who Maryland begins to put the full court press on this summer, but for now, we wait.

Who do you think will be the final piece to the 2014 puzzle?