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NCAA Football 14 Team Ratings Leaked: How Maryland Stacks Up

The Terps are "favored" in four games and have three toss-ups.

Rob Carr

It's that time of year again, folks - with NCAA Football 14 coming up soon, the overall ratings for each team were announced. You can find all of them here, but we thought it might be interesting to take a look at how Maryland's schedule stacks up this season, according to EA.

Team Overall Offense Defense
Maryland 86 86 85
FIU 79 77 80
UConn 81 84 80
West Virginia 84 83 87
Florida State 91 93 92
Virginia 84 86 83
Wake Forest 83 83 85
Clemson 93 95 90
Syracuse 81 83 80
Virginia Tech 93 91 95
Boston College 86 86 85
North Carolina State 84 84 85

So that's pretty much in line with what we thought - an easy (ish) early slate followed by a test from a down West Virginia team and a rough road contest against Florida State, before easier conference matchups against UVA and Wake Forest. Clemson and Virginia Tech look particularly fierce, while the Terps look to take advantage of their only-ever conference game against Syracuse (for now, at least). The two toss-ups at the end of the season could even be determinant of Maryland's bowl eligibility.