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Maryland Minute - 5.6.13 - Alex Len's Injury & Men's and Women's NCAA Lacrosse Seeding

In today's Maryland Minute we look at a horribly timed injury for Alex Len; seeding for both the men's and women's lacrosse teams; and some recruiting and 2013 basketball discussions.

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How long did Alex Len have a stress fracture in his ankle?
How long did Alex Len have a stress fracture in his ankle?

2013 NCAA Mens Lacrosse Tournament DI -
Here's your 2013 NCAA Men's Lacrosse bracket. Terps get the 6 seed and will face off against Cornell on Sunday at 1:00 PM at Byrd. If they win, they'll take on the winner of Ohio State (3)/Towson.

#6 Seeded Terps Host Big Red In 1st Round
More on Maryland's match up with Cornell. By the way, with Hopkins missing the tournament for the first time in 40+ years, Maryland now owns the streak for most consecutive NCAA tournaments made at 11.

Terps Secure Top Seed in NCAA Tournament
Meanwhile, the Women's Lacrosse team is the #1 seed, after winning their 5th straight ACC championship. The Terps will host the winner of the Towson/Stony Brook 1st round game next Sunday at noon at the Field Hockey & Lacrosse Complex on campus.

Center Alex Len out 4-6 months after surgery
Ugh. Feel bad for Alex. He'll be unable to workout leading up to the draft. I think those workouts could have really helped him. The injury is also supposed to sideline him for 6 months, meaning he'd be unable to do anything all summer. You have to think that will impact his draft stock and that he'll slip as a result.. What's interesting to me is that they said the injury was discovered after he made his decision to enter the draft. Does that mean he had it while at Maryland and it went undiagnosed? Or did he suffer it during a workout or at the end of the season?Apparently stress fractures often don't show up on a standard x-ray and you'd need an MRI to see one. I just hope Len wasn't unknowingly playing with the injury. Len did injure his left ankle against Temple in January of last year. Could he have fractured the bone then and it went undiagnosed this long? I can't imagine that's the case. But you have to wonder now if this a cause of some of his inconsistent play...

Terps Trio: Point guards, Big Ten football rivals and Will Ulmer - Baltimore Sun
Nice weekly piece by Jeff Barker, Don Markus & Matt Bracken. Check it out.

Weekly Maryland Terps recruiting roundup - Baltimore Sun
And here is your weekly Maryland recruiting roundup from Matt Bracken. Always worth a read. Lots of info on 2014 targets.