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Antonio Barton Surprises Terps, Picks Tennessee

The Memphis transfer will be a Volunteer.

Spruce Derden-US PRESSWIRE

It looked pretty clear that former Memphis point guard Antonio Barton would be transferring to Maryland - the Terps desperately needed a point guard, and Barton expressed an interest in being closer to his daughter, who lives in Maryland. That will not be the case, as, according to his brother Will, Barton will be going to Tennessee.

With Eli Carter heading to Florida and Vertrail Vaughns going to North Texas, that's an 0-for-3 for Turgeon on point guard transfers this offseason (although who knows if they even pursued Vaughns). Maryland has pulled success stories from out of nowhere before, and with the departure of Pe'Shon Howard they certainly need someone experienced coming in to man the point.

Seth Allen is not a point guard, and the Terps are going to want him to play more of the two next season. Same goes for Nick Faust and Dez Wells, who are probably more fit skill-wise for the position than Allen, who certainly fits it size-wise. At the end of the day, there's going to be a lot of pressure put on Roddy Peters to contribute quick.

Hey, where's Sam Cassell Jr. when you need him?