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Signing off

It was nearly five years ago that I (soon joined by Dave Tucker, Ben Goldstein, and Pete Volk) launched Testudo Times, to little fanfare and less audience. But over the years, our little-traveled corner of the internet became more and more heavily trafficked, and before long TT was a bona fide destination - a place fans could come, and knew to come, for high-quality Maryland news, analysis, and interaction. And in doing so it grew into a place I couldn't be prouder to have helped to build.

Today, half a decade later, with a bit of sadness but no little pride, I leave it, hanging up my keyboard, stepping aside, and heading to pastures new.

Sentimentality and especially goodbyes have never really been my thing, so I'll keep this short. But I have genuinely loved nearly every second I've spent helping to build Testudo Times into what it is today, especially those spent interacting with other fans - who never fail to surprise in their insight, industry, and, certainly if nothing else, passion. The results weren't always enjoyable - thanks, Randy - but the ride always was. For that, I thank all of you, who truly helped to make the site what it is, as well as Dave, Pete, and Ben for providing quality content and SBNation for providing a platform second-to-none in the blogging business.

Pete and Dave will take over as full-time co-managers of Testudo Times from here on, a succession I couldn't be more pleased with. The site requires, and indeed the community deserves, a level of passion and commitment that I wasn't any longer able to reach - after all, my mission as Jim Delany's covert agent to coordinate a B1G move is complete - but which they have in bunches. I'm confident they'll continue the tradition of TT being a place to find thoughtful, interesting, and timely news and analysis (not to mention, of course, multiple false dawn references, uniform fashionistism, and obsession over dual-threat quarterbacks).

While I'm moving on, I'll be around from time to time - after all, even with the stereotypically poor timing of any Maryland fan, I couldn't stand to miss Mark Turgeon's rise, Stefon Diggs' transcendence, and the transition to the B1G. Fun times are coming, and I couldn't be happier to have created a place where people can experience them. Hold down the fort for me.