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Maryland Minute - 5.23.13 - Barton Decision Sunday, Maryland v. ACC Today

Antonio Barton will announce where he's heading on Sunday, Maryland's legal battle with the ACC continues today in Maryland, and lots of recruiting news in today's MM.

Will Barton be a Terp come Sunday?
Will Barton be a Terp come Sunday?

Antonio Barton expected to announce his choice Sunday -
Antonio Barton will announce his decision after church this Sunday on where he intends to play next season. Hopefully it's Maryland, but I'm a little worried about Tennessee and that he's making this announcement shortly after visiting there.

Documents from the upcoming ACC-Maryland dismissal hearing
Maryland vs. ACC legal battle has a court date today, this time involving Maryland's counter antitrust action to dismiss the ACC's lawsuit in North Carolina, which of course the ACC is trying to get dismissed. You can read all 186+ pages of the motions or just wait until after the hearing when we'll have our legal expert, Matt Royack, weigh in.

What Theo Pinson To North Carolina Means For The Terps - Terrapin Station - A Maryland Terrapins Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and more.
Great piece by Mike Willis at Terrapin Station discussing how Theo Pinson's commitment to UNC could impact Maryland's recruiting of SG Dion Wiley.

Here’s Alex Len pressing buttons on a giant board
Len might be recovering from his surgery, but he's still training for the NBA, including utilizing a vision training machine. LEN SMASH!

Syracuse University Athletics - SU Meets No. 1 Terps in National Semis
The Syracuse folks preview their upcoming match-up with Maryland's #1 Women's Lacrosse team tomorrow.

Maryland women’s lacrosse prepares for Final Four
Nice non-revenue wrap up.

My best Terps' predictions and one clunker -
Jeff Barker reflects back on his 2012 predictions for basketball. He was pretty spot on for Len's output.

Maryland Terrapins Basketball Recruiting: DC Assault Report
Paywall, but if you have an IMS subscription, great piece by Jakob Engelke on Maryland's building of a DC Assault Pipeline.