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Maryland Minute 4.29.13: Terps in Eli Carter's top two, Dorsey goes to Packers

Rutgers transfer Eli Carter is down to two, Kevin Dorsey gets drafted (and other Terps find a home), and lots of lacrosse.


Busy weekend, but the wrapup of all the goings-on is right here.

Eli Carter to decide between Maryland and Florida
No timetable yet, but he didn't visit College Park, which means he's either sold on the Terps completely or is slightly bad news. Either way, looking like solid odds there's going to be another big-name addition this offseason.

Does Eli Carter make sense at Maryland? - BSun
Mark Turgeon knows best until he proves he doesn't, so for now, yes, Carter makes sense. Somehow. Maryland needs guards and scorers, I suppose, and Carter is both. But Markus brings up a few of the doubts I have about this ordeal to begin with: Carter's not a stop-gap, as a player with two years left (whose immediate eligibility isn't a full-on guarantee); he's a wing, potentially a lead guard but really at his best off the ball, same as Dez Wells and Nick Faust and probably Seth Allen; and he basically shares Terrell Stoglin's profile of a high-volume, low-efficiency, turnover-prone chucker. (Except he's not even as efficient as Stogs was in his heyday.) That said, Turgeon has a plan, you'd think, and I'm very curious to see what it is should this turn out.

Kevin Dorsey selected by Packers in 7th round of NFL Draft
Bit surprised Dorsey got the call and not Furstenburg, but regardless, the Packers are one of those destinations you're always happy to see someone land. Anybody in the 7th is going to have trouble sticking, at least immediately, but they tend to know what they're doing up there.

Furstenburg signs with Ravens
Was hoping he'd get picked in the seventh, but getting a look-in with the Ravens is an enviable position. Aside from their success, always happy to see hometown schools give Terps a look.

Others to catch on so far: A.J. Francis in Miami, and Darin Drakeford in Kansas City. Incredibly, Kenny Tate and Joe Vellano's futures are still undecided.

(Oh, and I do hate moralizing, but the next time you criticize a player leaving early, especially in football, let Tate's tale be a precautionary one about getting out while the getting's good. The game is one thing; someone's life and livelihood is another.)

Maryland self-reports minor violations
Yawn-worthy, except that basketball had not a single secondary violation. Squeaky clean.

Rowe, Brown progressing, will be healthy for fall
Good news there. Also of note: Daniel Adams, Nick Klemm, and Bradley Johnson all had surgeries post-spring, but will be healthy come fall. Ditto Levern Jacobs, Wes Brown, and Marcus Leak, who sat out the spring with injuries of their own.

MLax: Terps fall to Virginia in first round of ACC Tournament
A bit disappointing, given that a win would've been a death blow to UVA and instead Maryland lost in a rather one-sided game. They'll still be a tourney favorite, though - third time's the charm for John Tillman?

WLax: #1 Maryland wins fifth-straight ACC title
And preserves their undefeated year. Hugely impressive.