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Maryland Minute 4.24.13: Terps visit with Rutgers transfer Eli Carter

Another transfer possibility emerges and more on how the Grant of Rights deal changes things, plus Matt Furstenburg's draft hopes and Alex Len at the Caps game.

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A hodge-podge of recruiting and realignment links for you on this fine Wednesday.

Terps went in-home with Eli Carter, Rutgers guard
Carter was Rutgers' top scorer last year, averaging 15 points per game in just under 30 minutes. I'm a bit surprised that Maryland's indicating interest; they need guard depth, true enough, but Carter's more Terrell Stoglin than Romelo Trimble. A 6-2 two-guard who never met a shot he didn't love, hitting 38% from the field and 32% from deep last season, he'll put up points but he'll also frustrate Turgeon. Perhaps he'll become more efficient when surrounded with more talent - the ol' Stoglin Theory - but maybe not. (Also, he looks about 35 in the face.)

I suppose beggars can't be choosers, though. Carter has received his release from Rutgers and may be eligible to play immediately, but there's plenty of competition for his services (Florida chief among them). ALL THE COMBO GUARDS.

ACC grant of rights deal might weaken ACC’s exit-fee lawsuit against Maryland
This has been discussed in the comments a bit already, but in case you've missed it: it's apparently a marginal factor at best, but the ACC Grant of Rights deal still may have a factor in making the exit fee more difficult to uphold, with Alex Prewitt quoting a source saying the same.

ACC deal makes Big Ten expansion unlikely, Jim Delany says
If there's anything I've learned about this process, it's that I don't believe it's ever settled. It very well may be, but that's not a limb I'm comfortable going out on. But it seems that if further B1G domination is going to happen, at least it's not coming at the expense of the ACC. Shame, to some degree, but hardly a game-changer for how I view the move.

What each ACC team gave Florida State for the grant of rights deal, probably -

"Maryland just drove off in a cloud of Old Bay, blasting "Turtle Power" in their Honda Civic CRX."

Damn straight.

From the weekend: Trimble impresses at Jamfest
Lead guard who rarely turns the ball over, can score, is vocal, and makes smart decisions? Sign me up yesterday.

Maryland's going to have to drop an non-con football opponent in 2016
Sorry, Florida International. It would've been fun. mocks Furstenburg to Redskins in seventh round
Haven't seen too many mocks with any Terp getting picked, so any is notable. I'd love to see Furst Down in DC.

Alex Len was at the Caps game
So was MC Hammer, but we know which one really matters.

RIP, Television Realignment Era: 25 memories of college sports' dumbest goldfish
#13 on the list is UMD's official Twitter tweeting out "Goodbye, Carolina bias!" which seems about right. Ah, realignment.