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Profiles In Terpage - A Countdown to the Football Season: Sean Davis

Testudo Times's series of profiles continues with a possible starting safety.


Next up is a player who unexpectedly saw a lot of playing time last season.

Sean Davis, Sophomore, Safety, #21



Height: 6'1"

Weight: 185

Twitter: @umdsfinest21

Collegiate Stats: 13 tackles (eight solo), one fumble recovery

High School Stats: 162 tackles, three forced fumbles, three interceptions (one for a touchdown), 78 carries for 823 yards and seven touchdowns, 38 receptions for 601 yards and five touchdowns, three kickoff returns for touchdowns, two punt returns for touchdowns

Recruiting Ratings: Three stars (#5 in DC) by Rivals, three stars (#57 CB) by Scout, three stars (#3 in DC, #30 CB) by 24/7, two stars (#9 in DC, #101 CB) by ESPN

High School: Maret School

Hometown: Washington, D.C.

High School Highlights:

A hint - if you're having trouble figuring out which one is Davis, it's the guy who's bigger, stronger and faster than everyone else.

How'd He Get to College Park?

As you can see from the stats, Sean Davis was kind of a big deal at Maret, a tiny school in D.C. not used to hosting Division I talent. With just 600 students K through 12 (and 300 in the upper level), it's surprising that they are able to field a full team. But the Fighting Frogs unearthed a star in Davis, who played corner, safety, running back and wide receiver at the school.

Davis was a 5'8", 125 pound freshman at Marest, and ended up as a 6'1", 175 pound senior - giving him the technical skills of a smaller player and the athletic ability of a larger one. He was offered by North Carolina, Boston College, Connecticut and Marshall.

Last season, Davis was thrust into the action early as a true freshman, starting the first two games of the season (for whatever reason, I was under the impression that he started more than that). He played in every game last season, posting 13 tackles and recovering a fumble.



Career Highlight:

Starting the first two games of the year last season.

Dream Season:

Davis holds on to the starting job and posts at least 70 tackles.

2013 Prospectus:

For as relatively small as he is, Sean Davis hits hard. Real hard. He's also putting on some size - about 13 pounds from when entered camp last year. Even still, Davis is significantly smaller than the other option at strong safety - 6'1", 200 pound A.J. Hendy. Those two are currently co-starters on the depth chart, with Davis on top. The appearance of Davis on top may seem insignificant at first, as nearly all of the "or"s on the depth chart appear to be organized alphabetically, but a quick glance at the running backs show that is not necessarily the case.

Davis is the likely starter at safety, hoping to continue the youth connection between him and Anthony Nixon (much like Matt Robinson and Eric Franklin had a few years ago). Like Robinson and Franklin, they have the perfect pairing of skill sets for a safety combo - Nixon with the great hands of a former star high school receiver, and Davis with the big-hit ability. Both are able to force a turnover at any time, and if they grow at the pace Maryland is hoping they will, they'll round out a pretty dynamic secondary.

Up Next:

Our next player's first name is the same as the last name of one of Maryland basketball's biggest missed in-state recruiting opportunities.

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