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Maryland Minute - 4.23.13 - More on ACC Grant of Rights & Awesome Quotes from Lefty

In today's Maryland Minute we examine the ACC's new Grant of Rights agreement and what, if anything, it means for Maryland, enjoy some awesome quotes/stories from Lefty Driesell, and discuss the future of the NCAA.

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Ninja Swoff's Latest Move was getting ACC to sign GOR Agreement.
Ninja Swoff's Latest Move was getting ACC to sign GOR Agreement.

ACC schools agree to grant TV rights to league
"The grant of rights means any school that leaves would also have to leave its TV rights behind, in addition to paying an exit fee. Those TV rights would stay with the ACC, meaning the departing school wouldn't bring any added TV value to a new league's broadcast package."

This is a big deal for the ACC. But in my opinion, it also means that losing Maryland causes the ACC virtually no damage. Why does that matter? In the ACC's lawsuit against Maryland, it alleges that losing Maryland will cause financial damage to the conference. With the ACC replacing Maryland with Louisville and now securing the grant of rights, which prevents schools from leaving, losing Maryland doesn't hurt them financially whatsoever. It certainly doesn't hurt them to the tune of $53+ million. Prior to this GOR agreement, it could be argued that losing Maryland could result in other schools leaving as well, thus causing financial harm to the conference. That's no longer the case. Does it mean the lawsuit will be dropped? Absolutely not. But I can't see how this helps the ACC's argument. Lawyers out there, have it at, because I know you'll weight in and let me know if I'm completely off base here.

ACC media-rights deal to lock in schools OK'd by presidents - ESPN
A little more detail about the agreement from Brett McMurphy of ESPN.

Lefty Driesell on Len Bias and Marilyn Monroe
Fantastic, must read piece that pulls the top moments from a recent "Lunch with a Legend" discussion that featured Lefty. Highlights include a possible book about Bias, written by Tony Massenburg and Walt Williams, some unusual sleeping habits of Lefty, and Lefty's questioning of why Bias isn't in Maryland's hall of fame. Also includes a cool story of Lefty talking about Bias' dominance. Lefty often had to pull Bias out of practice because he could do whatever he wanted when he wanted and it inhibited other players from being able to improve.

Mark Emmert, NCAA process angering nation's athletic directors - College Football - Andy Staples -
Interesting piece on the bad blood that exists between ADs and the NCAA. Could we be looking at a future where schools break away from the NCAA?

Maryland Transfer Pe'Shon Howard to Visit USC - Reign of Troy - A USC Trojans Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and more.
Looks like Pe'Shon is visiting USC. Hope it works out for him.

Big AAU Weekend for several Terps Targets
Matt Bracken breaks down the performances of several Terps targets who were active on the AAU circuit this weekend.

Former University of Maryland football player Ryan Schlothauer stabbed at Charles Village Pub in Towson -
"Our thoughts and prayers are with Ryan and his family. He was the victim of a very serious crime," Edsall said in the written statement. "I had an opportunity to visit with Ryan at the hospital this weekend. We wish him well with his recovery, and I look forward to seeing him back on campus. I know all of his teammates were concerned about his well-being and will be there to support him."

Hope Ryan is able to make a full recovery.