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Maryland Minute 4.10.13: Len's decision, more on C.J. Brown

Alex Len's decision will be made over the next week, Trayvon Reed is a recruiting target, C.J. Brown is improving, and Scott Spinelli interviews for a head-coaching gig?


A hodge-podge of links today, as we transition ever-closer to the summer doldrums.

Len's decision coming "likely sometime next week"
He met, it seems, with Turgeon on Monday. There's no real rush to figure it out on either side, I don't think, but the earlier the better when it comes to finding someone to replace his minutes. If you're Josh Davis or Tarik Black right now, for instance, there's a big difference between Maryland with Len, which needs absolutely no post depth and has little available in the way of minutes, and Maryland without Len, where either could walk into being a starter. Until something happens there one way or the other, it'll be tough to move forward.

Seth Allen is early leader for Terps' point guard spot
Even if someone else comes in, unless that guy is a serious difference-maker (unlikely), this will still probably hold true. But if that's the case, Allen will be less of a point guard and more of a lead guard - someone who can handle the ball under pressure and will initiate the offense, but otherwise function basically as a two-guard. Still, if this happens, the experiment will be fun to watch. The offseason will be of particular importance if that's the case.

ESPN's way-too-early top 25: two ACC teams, UConn in top 15
But no Maryland, not even in the next fifteen others to watch. Of course, until Alex Len or his replacement get sorted out, you can't really complain.

IMS: Maryland in for Trayvon Reed
Not actually new news - Maryland's been recruiting Reed for quite some time. And there isn't all that much insight here regarding the recruitment, except that he seems to lack strong feelings in any direction, which means that, if Maryland sticks with him all the way, it'll probably drag out for quite some time. A 7-1 kid is worth it, though.

And here we actually see an upside to Len leaving. Not a lot of schools produce lotto picks; even fewer produce lotto picks out of big men. Unless a serious blueblood is looking at Reed, Maryland's probably the only one who can say "We took a guy just like you and turned him into a top-10 pick within two years." That's no small selling point.

C.J. Brown named starter heading into fall
No surprises there - it's been the case for awhile. He had the best passing day of all the quarterbacks at the last practice, per Prewitt.

Also of note: Christian Carpenter tears his ACL and Randy Edsall was in a knee brace himself. It has begun.

Quarterback C.J. Brown impresses with spring improvements
Obviously Edsall's going to emphasize the good here with the guy he named the starter, but he's not done the same with Ricardo Young, and that probably says something about his comfort level with both options. If he can can take another step over the summer and get his arm even to just a serviceable level, this offense might be really explosive.

Scott Spinelli interviewing for head coaching gig?
The link is paywall'd, but the teaser seems to say it all. Honestly, Spin's gotta get something at some point. He's just too good of an assistant with too much experience to keep getting passed over. Loyola's open, Niagara's about to open, American's open, Marist is open - just too many gigs that make sense for him.

If he goes, replacing him will be a key, key decision. He's not only a crack recruiter who's unearthed a few gems for Turgeon, he's also the best pure coach on the staff. He's not the brains behind the operation, ala Noodles Neal at New Mexico, but he's definitely a huge cog in what Turgeon does, not unlike Patsos was for Gary. Turgeon does not have an extensive network; Spin's been his #1 since Wichita. Whoever he goes after for that last spot, it has to be a home run, and money has to be made available to reel in a big name. Russ Springmann interested in moving back east?