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Interesting: Dwayne Morgan to visit Maryland for UNC game, will commit April 5

Top Terps target will be in College Park on Wednesday, announce in a month's time.

Completely unrelated: Maryland lost this game. I blame the blue in Turgeon's tie.
Completely unrelated: Maryland lost this game. I blame the blue in Turgeon's tie.

Maryland's staff has done quite a lot of legwork in the class of 2014, and big prospects abound: from Rashad Vaughn, the Midwestern scoring sensation, to Dion Wiley, the local sharpshooter, to Goodluck Okonoboh, the New England shotblocker. For my money, though, none is bigger than Dwayne Morgan, the consensus top-40 small forward and Baltimore's best product for several years. And per Zags, it won't be too long until we know where he'll be suiting up:

Dwayne Morgan, one of the top prospects in the Class of 2014, will announce April 5 at Baltimore St. Frances, his AAU coach, Dwayne Wise, confirmed to

Wise said the 6-foot-8 Morgan is considering Arizona, Georgetown, Maryland, UNLV, Indiana, USF, Seton Hall and UConn. "He will cut it to three in a week or so," Wise told

And guess where he'll be visiting before making that decision? You guessed it:

Morgan will visit Maryland Wednesday for the North Carolina game and may also take a trip to Arizona later this month, Wise confirmed.

That's right, he's probably going out to see my boy Sean Miller in Tucson.

Oh, and he'll be in the building on Wednesday, too.

(Sorry, I couldn't help myself. Tongue firmly planted in cheek.)

Anyway, none of this is exactly massive news: he's been on campus plenty, and his commitment date is a pretty reasonable one for someone who's had his list trimmed for quite some time already. But the imminent commitment gives the visit some serious extra importance, and means that recruiting excitement - after a few quiet months during the season - should be rocketing back up.

And after the student section has done wonders with the Turgeonites, the Duke game slow wave and flash mob, and the Stefon Diggs chants, well, expectations are high. You guys know what to do.

Morgan would be a crucial addition to what has the potential to be a very good class for Mark Turgeon; he's shaping up to be a borderline five-star type and will be at worst a top-50 player. He's extremely long and active, an old-fashioned small forward instead of just a wing playing the three, in that he's closer to a four than a two. His home is on the perimeter, though, have no doubt; his athleticism, smoothness, and length can't be taught, and as he adds skill to that he has the potential to be very dangerous.

Pair him with Romelo Trimble, throw in a perimeter scorer like Vaughn or Wiley and a prototypical big man like Okonoboh and it's a class you'd put up against any non-Caliparian class in the country, with plenty of talent and, more importantly, impeccable balance.

Of course, it remains to be seen if Morgan actually lands in College Park - Arizona and UNLV have both been particularly active here, and Indiana in particular has been a huge competitor for him. Given how well they've been playing, they're darn formidable. Ahead of the Terps' move to the Big Ten, you can bet Turgeon wants to send a message that any B1G program looking to poach a DMV kid is going to face a hell of a fight; keeping Morgan home would be a very nice start.