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Maryland Minute 3.4.13: Big weekend for Terps basketball and non-revs

Lacrosse drops Duke, women's basketball rebounds from a tough loss, some football spring practice, and of course recapping and looking ahead for basketball.

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We have a bunch of non-rev stuff to get to today, and we will in time, but let's start out on the hardwood.

Maryland's coaching staff voted on starting lineup, based on defensive effort
Interesting. A bit odd that they voted - not necessarily a bad thing, though, especially because it kind of seemed that Turgeon was at his wit's end trying to figure it out himself. There's been some talk that his staff isn't as strong on the Xs and Os as it needs to be, but they figured out something good here. It made sense, really: the young guys were having trouble on the road, so turn to the older heads to start out and keep things steady. Let the young'uns work their way into the game.

The other interesting note here: early in the year, I talked a lot about identity, and I think Maryland found one. They wouldn't score, maybe, and they wouldn't necessarily run, but they would defend and rebound the hell out of you. Once the ACC season started, they kind of got away from that, with effort and intensity fading midway through the year, especially as they realized that defending and rebounding wouldn't necessarily be enough to beat the likes of Miami, Duke, and UNC. I don't think that was a positive development, and it's Interesting that when Turgeon decided to take a serious path and reinvent the team a little bit, he did it with that identity in mind: maybe the offense will be awful again, but this team defended and rebounded, and that was enough to win. I'd like to see them keep that up the rest of the year.

Morning review: Terps buckled down on defense vs. Wake Forest
The players will take credit, and with good reason. Hopefully it gives them some heart and confidence heading into UNC, where they'll need it. Of course, Wake was really bad, missing some of their looks and struggling to control the ball themselves. Still, progress is progress.

Maryland still in Next Four Out
Don't get your hopes up.

We're not the only ones: Virginia loses at Boston College
The Cavs looked nigh-unbeatable there for a spell, but all of a sudden they're looking quite human - and quite bubbly again. I'm not getting my hopes up, as said above, and I doubt they'll miss the tourney given their resumé and non-RPI rankings, but hey, there's something there.

Lax: Maryland thrashes Duke in first game as #1
Any time you beat Duke, it's good. Beat 'em 16-7? Ohhhhh, it's a good day. This isn't a very good Duke team, though; they're 2-4 on the year, having lost to Denver, Notre Dame, and Penn already this season. Still, that level of dominance is a treat.

WBB: Terps blow by Wake on Senior Day
Good to see them rebound so strongly from a tough loss to Florida State just a few days ago. They'll be a #2 seed in the ACCT; Juan willing, they'll meet Duke in the final and finally get some revenge.

Ricardo Young debuts as starting QB in Maryland football’s spring practice opener - WaPo
Not much of note as far as scouting reports or the like goes; Randy's not about to go and tell the world his deepest thoughts on him. (Especially when you remember the last time that happened, it was the "You know, C.J. Brown isn't really performing any worse than Danny O'Brien," comment.) But it seems he did fairly well, and that relationship he already has with Long is going to be interesting to watch grow.

ESPN Q/A with Edsall
More or less it's just him reading the depth chart, but there are some little tidbits worth checking out. In particular, he references the key idea behind Locksley's offense (and all spreads): stretch the defense horizontally with your receivers and then run it up the middle; then compress the defense with your run game and get your receivers the ball in space. Difference from last year is that this time Maryland has the personnel to do it.