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Dwayne Morgan picks UNLV over Terps, Georgetown

Baltimore's best prospect in the 2014 class is headed out west.


Disappointing? A bit, in a vacuum. But not very surprising, given the late chatter:

Morgan, a top-40 recruit from Baltimore, was down to UNLV and Maryland not long ago, added Georgetown late, and then seemed to cool off on the Terps quite a bit. By the end of it all, there wasn't even a Maryland hat on the table, a clear slight to a school that was still ostensibly in his top three.

He'd have been a wonderful get - anyone that talented from Baltimore would be, of course - but the general consensus is that it wasn't really a contest, as evidenced by the non-hat. Maryland didn't seem to make him that much of a priority, and the relationships (despite playing for an Under Armour-sponsored AAU team and Maryland having a Baltimore guy on staff) apparently weren't all that strong either. It's tough to care that much, given that the writing was on the wall.

The Terps are still in line to have at least three (or thereabouts) open scholarships in that class, even with Romelo Trimble already committed. There are still a few big names on the radar with confirmed mutual interest - Rashad Vaughn and Dion Wiley as the so desperately needed can't-miss 2-guards, as well as bigs like Goodluck Okonoboh and face-up four Obi Enechionyia. But the list of names has shrunken a tad of late after being far-ranging early in the year. Turgeon, like most coaches, has a pattern of identifying and pursuing guys based on AAU play (see: Roddy Peters, Jake Layman, to a lesser extent Charles Mitchell); the same will likely happen this summer, as Maryland adds more targets throughout the spring and summer.

As is stands, Turgeon still has plenty of room to maneuver (even in the 2013 class, too, which may not yet be done).