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Maryland Terrapins-North Carolina Tar Heels GameThread: The Run Continues?

Can the Terps keep their ACC Tournament run - and NCAA Tournament hopes - alive against Carolina? Talk Maryland-UNC right here.


Your preview is here. The game will tip at 3:00-ish - the exact tip time is 25 minutes after the conclusion of N.C. State and Miami. And while it pains me to root for State in any circumstances, the ever-so-slight possibility of a March Through North Carolina is just too much to pass up.

Anyway, TV is ESPN or ACC Network* if you're local; don't know who's on the call, but Shulman and Farnham have been good luck charms for the Terps so far, so hopefully them.

I don't know about you, but I'm incredibly up for this. Maryland hasn't been playing meaningful March basketball since Grievis - I had forgotten just how Juandamned fun it was. Just keep reminding yourself that Maryland's playing with house money right now, sit back, relax, and watch Dez Wells tear apart another Carolina school. Whatever happens happens, but enjoy the ride.

Random, Baseless Prediction: This tournament has seen the rehabilitation of Pe`Shon Howard, the rise of Dez Wells - hell, we've even seen an Alex Len three-pointer. Only one thing left: the Logan Aronhalt fast break dunk. It is coming, friends.

Prediction: I'm morally duty-bound to not pick Maryland at this point, so I'll keep logical and say Carolina wins by a handful. I don't think the Terps will tire, per se, mentally or physically, but it's going to require another showing like yesterday in terms of mental focus and physical energy. Maybe yesterday's win wasn't another false dawn, but putting together 100 minutes of basketball or so like that (WF second half, entire Duke game, entire UNC game) is a tall task for any team, let alone a young one.

Don't care, though. Let's just do this thing already.