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GameThread: Maryland Terrapins-Wake Forest Demon Deacons


Preview is here. Game is at 7:00(-ish), though the TV situation is a little funky: it's on ESPNU and the ACC Network*; the affiliate listing for the latter can be found here.

Random, Baseless Prediction: Pe`Shon Howard leads Maryland in scoring in the first half. Not sure if that'd be a great sign or a terrible one.

Prediction: Like I said, I'm mighty afeared about the possibility of laying an egg here; the combination of the occasion, the generally poor finish to the year, and reacting to the gutpunch of the Virginia loss specifically is a worrisome set. But unless Maryland is really bad or Wake Forest is more or less flawless, the Terps will win; they're the better team and they match up well to begin with anyway. Maryland by single digits, but a win nonetheless.