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National Signing Day 2013: Jacquille Veii commits to Maryland, Terps pull off local trifecta

Randy Edsall and Mike Locksley defend their home turf in a big way.

Rob Carr

Maryland came into the day with three important D.C.-area recruits on their board, each with big-time offers - Taivon Jacobs with Ohio State, Yannick Ngakoue with Florida State and South Carolina, Jacquille Veii with Nebraska. Jacobs and Ngakoue both decided to spurn the more glamorous offers and stay at home earlier in the morning, leaving Veii as the last name left on the board. And at the Letter of Intent ceremony at his school, just before noon, Veii kept the local recruiting momentum rolling, choosing Maryland over the Huskers and Iowa, giving the Terps an impressive trifecta of local guys on the recruiting class's final day.

Veii is not necessarily the same big thing that Jacobs or Ngakoue was in terms of rankings or hype, but the fact that Nebraska swooped in late says a lot about his game. This recruiting class was all about speed in the skill positions, and Veii, who is slated to play cornerback in College Park but could end up at receiver or running back, depending on the numbers, has it in bunches. He runs in the high 4.4s, but what impresses you about him is his elusiveness in the open field and ability to stop and start on a dime, something that classmates DeAndre Lane and Taivon Jacobs also have. Get these guys in space and they'll make things happen, without a doubt.

In practical terms, Veii adds another versatile, athletic body to the class, with the ability to play in a number of possessions and adding even more quality depth. He also mentioned that the staff has talked about putting him in as a return man immediately, perhaps partnering with Deon Long and Stefon Diggs on kickoffs to form a ridiculously-threatening trio.

But this is perhaps even more important for what it signifies: even after another poor season, Maryland's defending their home turf in a way we haven't seen in years. To fight their way into all three local Signing Day announcements is one thing; to win all three just takes it to another level. Mike Locksley's made mention of a DMV-to-UMD movement in the past, and you can start to see how it's coming together - especially with Veii mimicking in many ways Stefon Diggs' announcement. It's a sign of what Maryland can do on the trail, even while struggling, and even more importantly will continue to build momentum heading into a packed 2014 local class. Recruits take note of this kind of stuff.

Every LOI expected to be is now in, and all three in question have joined the good guys. That gives Maryland their full haul of 22 guys, an impressive showing that will likely rank among the top 35 or so classes in the country. This is more or less end of day for the Terps' staff, and I wouldn't expect any more fireworks from here on out. But the staff will have a presser at 3:00, at which they'll talk at length for the first time about the class. That'll be followed up by a Google+ Hangout at 4:00, moderated by none other than C.J. Brown.

We'll have more on the class later today, buttressed by quotes from those outings. But the hard work, at least for today, is done.

Take it away, Ice Cube.