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Maryland vs. George Washington: The Gamethread

Come chat with us as Maryland plays in what could be their last BB&T Challenge game.

Kevin C. Cox

Does anyone still have hope that this team is an NCAA tournament team? I don't know if the majority of people have turned on Mark Turgeon or if the people who are still optimistic just aren't speaking up right now. Where do you stand in the debate? Are you expecting this team to be dancing in March? Have your expectations changed as the season has progressed?

Let's do some over-under for today:

Attendance at Sunday's game: over/under 10,000

Number of GW three-pointers: over/under 8

Number of Jake Layman three-pointers - 5

Number of Charles Mitchell rebounds - over/under 9

Number of Evan Smotrycz total points: Over/under 13.5

Number of Dez Wells assists: over/under 14.5

Final combined score total: over/under 137

Random, baseless prediction: Damonte Dodd plays more than five minutes and scores two baskets.

Who you all got? Will Maryland win this or will they lose the game because they seem unable to win at the BB&T? Let us know in the comments below.