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Maryland-Ohio State: Gamethread

Maryland gets a preview of their future basketball life in the Big Ten when they travel to Columbus to take on Ohio State in the ACC-B1G Challenge.


So this whole ACC-B1G Challenge is a little weird when your school is technically part of the ACC still but will be joining the B1G next season. This will be a great preview of stereotypical B1G basketball by Ohio State; slow and boring. You can understand why Mark Turgeon was opposed to the conference move after watching tonight's game.

So what are your predictions for tonight? Can Maryland pull off the upset in Columbus? If they do, they really need to protect the ball hit their outside shots.

Which will be higher:

Jake Layman 3's made or Aaron Craft assits?

Nick Faust fast break points or Shaq Cleare rebounds?

Varun Ram minutes or Charles Mitchell rebounds?

Roddy Peters points or Damonte Dodd minutes?

Evan Smotrycz rebounds or # of times ESPN mentions Maryland's move to the B1G?

Total Maryland turnovers or # of times Bob Knight makes a statement that makes no sense?

Finally, what's your random, baseless prediction and final score for tonight?