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Maryland Stock Report: Football regular season is over, basketball faces biggest test

Football is in a holding pattern until their bowl game, while Maryland basketball faces their marquee non-conference opponent.

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Stock Rising:

QB C.J. Brown -- It felt like the C.J. of the first four weeks was (finally) back in the game against N.C. State. Brown finished the game with 397 total yards and five touchdowns.

WR Amba Etta-Tawo -- He's had at least four catches and 57 yards in his last four games. Not bad for a guy buried on the depth chart at the beginning of the season. Sure, it took two injuries, but he and the other receivers have really done a good job stepping up.

Jake Layman Draft Hype -- Maybe not this year, but updated their 2015 mock on Tuesday and Layman is projected 11th.

Evan Smotrycz -- He's now the 3rd scorer on this team, something they lacked at times last year, and it was debatable if they had a true 2nd scorer they could trust.

Stock Holding:

Randy Edsall -- I'm skeptical about moving him into the rising category, but with three games to go, he managed to get a winning record despite all the troubles surrounding the team. He still managed an embarrassing loss to Boston College in the process. Whatever, Terps are bowling.

Maryland's chances against Ohio State -- I wasn't high on it to begin with, but I've raised expectations a little bit. I'm not expecting a win, but a close loss isn't a bad thing.

ACC's chances of winning the ACC/Big Ten Challenge -- Even with the (almost) guaranteed loss Maryland faces against Ohio State, the ACC still holds a pretty solid chance of winning the challenge according to KenPom.

Stock Falling:

Charles Mitchell to the starting lineup -- Another game, another bench spot to start the game.

Roddy Peters to the starting lineup -- See: Mitchell, Charles.

Maryland Football All-ACC Selections -- There were none on the All-ACC teams, but WR Stefon Diggs and LB's Cole Farrand and Marcus Whitfield were named honorable mention. Ouch.