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Ranking the ACC: Rock bottom for Terps?

A week after seemingly getting back on track, the Terps dropped a stunner to Boston University.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports
Maybe you came here expecting wrestling gifs after the title, sorry to disappoint you, but it's Christmas Eve. If I could have found less vulgar gifs we might have a Hanukkah (I know it was nearly a month ago) or two here, but that's what happens Adam Sandler makes a Hanukkah cartoon.

1. Syracuse (1) -- 11-0 (0-0) -- #2 in the country

Atop the rankings again. Me thinks the Orange are pretty good this year.

2. Duke (4) -- 9-2 (0-0) -- #9 in the country

Dear Duke fans, I'm capable of being nice. I think. Anyway, you head in to the holidays with your highest ranking to date.

3. North Carolina (3) -- 8-3 (0-0) -- #19 in the country

UNC is a lot like Harry Ellis: Moments of sheer brilliance, but in the end he's going to let you down. ACC, bubby, the Heels are not your white knight.

4. Florida State (5) -- 8-3 (0-0)

The 'Noles are flying under the radar, much like The Muppets Christmas Carol.

5. Pittsburgh (2) -- 11-1 (0-0)

As I was reminded in the comments last week, I overrated Pittsburgh. I won't be making that mistake again.

6-8. Wake Forest/Virginia/NC State

Like most of you, I'm not really impressed with a lot of what these two have done, but at this point they aren't racking up losses like the others. Basically, they aren't great, but they could be worse.

9-11. Clemson/Notre Dame/Georgia Tech

All of these teams suffered a tough loss last week. Clemson and Notre Dame had close losses to Auburn and Ohio State, respectively, while Georgia Tech fell to Vanderbilt. None of them were laughing after last week.

12/13. Virginia Tech and Maryland

Yikes, these two had a rough weekend. They both got run out of their own building.

14. Miami -- 7-5 (0-1)

Miami struggled early in the year, but they are ever so slowly turning it around. Still, the early struggles are tough to ignore *cough* St. Francis *cough*.

15. Boston College (15) -- 4-8 (0-1)

Being a Boston College fan must be like...

Sound off with your rankings and comments in the section below.