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Video: Maryland Football Honors their Seniors

Maryland's seniors get emotional tribute

Man, it's a little dusty in here.

Maryland Football went and got me all choked up with their end of year highlight montage of the Terrapin seniors. Isaac Goins, Marcus Whitfield, Dexter McDougle, Dave Stinebaugh and all the rest, you will be missed.

Whitfield and McDougle, rightfully, received the most screen time, with Goins as a close third.

It's easy to forget but McDougle made some incredible plays in the three games he played, especially those two ridiculous interceptions versus UCONN. Whitfield was a monster all season, leading the team with nine sacks. Goins did a nice job stepping up with all the injuries in the secondary.

It's important to remember just how young of a Maryland team this was. With only 14 seniors on the roster, the Terps return a large majority of their talent for the maiden B1G voyage.

Also noteworthy: what was that music? I think this can safely be declared the first time Rob Thomas music has been used over video of vicious football hits.