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Testudo catches fire, appears to be okay

Testudo was ablaze last night, apparently from someone who thought lighting a lampshade on fire near the statue was a good idea.

At the University of Maryland, during Finals Week, students traditionally bring offerings to the Testudo statue in front of McKeldin library in hopes that their sacrifice to the bronze statue of Maryland's mascot, a diamondback terrapin, will bring them good fortune on their final exams for the semester. You'll typically find Testudo adorned with all kinds of items; booze, cigarettes, food, lucky charms - just about anything you can imagine. What you probably can't imagine is Testudo on fire, but that apparently happened last night.

Seriously...I have no words.I hope the person(s) responsible know they're failing every final ever. Fortunately, it appears Testudo has already been cleaned up.

And he wasn't damaged.

Someone gave him a band aid and it appears he's as good as new.

Anyone been by to see Testudo today? How'd he looking?

A nice, full rundown of events can be found here.