Film Session: Roddy Peters

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Thanks for the feedback on the first film breakdown post. I have more footage from the BC game that I'd like to share in the coming days. I wish I could do this frequently, but I don't actually get to watch Terps basketball very often. Anyway, back to the BC game.

Dez Wells went off for a career-high 33 points, and we all know what he can do offensively when he’s charging at the basket with a full head of steam. That’s his game, transition baskets and fighting through contact in the lane.

Quietly, I was more impressed by the offensive showing of Roddy Peters. The freshman finished the night with 14 points on 5-of-8 shooting and 3 assists. Definitely could have had a few more assists if more shots drop.

I don’t know Roddy Peters’ game very well. But from one game, he might be the most important player on offense. The Terps don’t really have a viable post offense from any of their bigs. So how do they create open shots? Penetration off the dribble. Defense helps, creates space for perimeter players to either shoot 3s or cut to rim.

Peters has taken five 3-pointers in 10 games. This is great news. He doesn’t shoot from the outside, and he knows it. Get in the lane, score or distribute.

First basket of the BC game:

BC scrambles back in transition, Peters has the ball unguarded at the top of the key. One dribble to the foul line, head fake as if he’ll pull from midrange, cross over and a foul. Decisive with a mix of quickness and deception.

Here’s a similar play:

Peters recognizes that BC is confused about its assignments. No one guards him at first, until Ryan Anderson reluctantly obliges. Notice Roddy forces the issue, hurrying to the 3-point line to make Anderson commit to guarding him before BC straightens out its defense. Then hesistation dribble, cross over, bucket and foul.

More important than his scoring is Peters’ ability to distribute. Throughout the game, Peters created open jumpers for teammates like this one.

Roddy attacks in semi-transition after BC gambles in the backcourt. Peters drives far enough to get the defender to commit, Faust misses an open 3.

Here is my favorite play of the night from Peters.

Roddy works a pick-and-pop with Smot. BC switches, not wanting to leave Smot open for 3. Peters sees Layman lurking in the corner. With a big on him, he can get to whatever spot he wants. He crashes hard to the left, drawing the help. Drive & kick to an open 3 for Layman

Here’s a play in which Roddy didn’t quite do enough to open up a teammate.

Nice fake towards the ball screen to set up his defender for a quick crossover. He finds Smot for a quick 3, but Roddy could have done more here. He should run at Smot’s defender and seal the defender with his body. Turn and shovel to Smot, and unless Peters’ defender switches out, it’s a wide open 3 instead of the contested one Maryland missed.

The midrange game is going to be something that Peters needs to work on. Yes, a midrange jumper is the most inefficient shot in basketball. But it’s not about taking the jumper every time down. It’s about getting defenses to respect the possibility. If Roddy can establish that he’s consistent from 15-18 feet, defenders will have to play the jump shot, and give him the opportunity to blow by them for buckets like this.

Layups and open 3s. That is how you win basketball games. Creating them is the tricky part.

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