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Maryland vs. Boston College: GameThread

Come chat Terps as they start ACC.

Well, here it is. The final go-round at ACC play.

Maryland faces off against Boston College in what feels like a must-win game -- the Terps are in the midst of a losing streak and desperately need to turn things around, and all of the sudden the real season is here, with the team not looking all that prepared for it. Any ACC road game is going to be tough, but luckily for Maryland, they face the Eagles -- the only team in the conference under .500, and a squad whose weaknesses (defense and rebounding) should suit the Terps quite nicely, especially in their struggling offensive gameplan. Expect either Charles Mitchell or Shaquille Cleare to have a bigger-than-normal night, with Jonathan Graham as a possibility for some more bench production.

Some suggested pre-game reading:

So let's hear your predictions -- what's the starting lineup? Who's the leading scorer? What's the final score? And for extra points, what's Nick Faust's final complete line?