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Maryland Stock Report: Buy low on Seth Allen

With Maryland's point guard struggles, go all-in on Allen before his return.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

If you were one to play fantasy college basketball, Seth Allen has to look like a great option right now. This team needs a leader on the floor, and whether or not Allen is the guy, he's certainly going to get an opportunity upon his return.

Stock Rising:

PG Seth Allen -- As I mentioned above, Allen is needed badly on the court. Roddy Peters is taking some lumps early on, and Dez Wells is just better off the ball.

Maryland Defensive Line Coach Greg Gattuso -- Or should I say Albany's new football coach, Greg Gattuso. Congratulations to Gattuso, and good luck at Albany. I almost hope this bit happens.

College All-Star Bowl invitees -- TE Dave Stinebaugh and OL De'Onte Arnett were invited to the all-star game in Furman.

All-ACC nominees -- WR Stefon Diggs and LB Marcus Whitfield were named honorable mention.

The Maryland press -- It worked well against George Washington, so maybe we so more and more as the year goes on?

Stock Holding:

Randy Edsall -- He'll continue to stay here until one of two things happens. He leaves for Alabama* or he's fired.

Maryland NCAA Tournament hopes -- It's still early, so there's that. They can't afford a loss against BC.

Stock Falling:

Nick Faust's jump shot -- Aaaaand he just missed another corner three. Marshall Henderson thinks Nick Faust takes too many three's per game. Nick needs to get back to attacking the basket, and not be a jump shooter. I think we can all agree on that.

The Jake Layman hype -- Back-to-back poor shooting performances from behind the arc for him, but he still managed to lead the team in scoring against GW.

Varun Ram starting point guard experiment -- Ram had a turnover and a foul before getting replaced by Roddy Peters. Ram obviously has a place on this team, I'm just not sure it's the starting point guard.

There's a lot of negative stuff, too much perhaps, and I don't want to sound like I'm killing the team. However, you all will in the comments, so have at it.

*If enough of you start this rumor, maybe Alabama will believe it.