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Ranking the ACC: Welcome to basketball season

We transition from football season to basketball in the rankings

I imagine this is Turgeon just offering up a hug
I imagine this is Turgeon just offering up a hug
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

1. Syracuse -- 9-0 (#2 in the country)

The newcomers struggled, at times, in football -- but the near-Canadians weren't brought to the ACC for football. They are here because of Boeheim, that cowardly zone-defense and the outstanding Carrier Dome atmosphere for basketball.

2. Pitt -- 9-0 (unranked)

It's criminal they are unranked. *checks their schedule* Oh, Fresno Sta-- *remembers this isn't the football rankings*. Well, at least they don't have any bad non-conference losses.

3. Duke -- 7-2 (#8 in the country)

Losses to Kansas and Arizona are nothing to be ashamed of. A near-loss to Vermont on the other hand...

That could have been scary.

4. UNC -- 6-2 (#18 in the country)

Wins against #1 Michigan State and #3 Louisville. Losses against Belmont and UAB.

5. Florida State -- 6-3

Their win over VCU looked better the day it happened, but that doesn't mean it won't be impressive come March. The loss against Michigan will be looked back upon as a huge missed opportunity. Luckily, the losses to Florida and Minnesota are good RPI boosters, with another RPI boost on the way against UMass.

6. Notre Dame -- 7-2

Lost to the only two good teams they have played, but still have looked quite impressive on offense.

7. Wake Forest -- 8-2

The win over Richmond is nice, but not much else on the schedule is.

8. Clemson -- 7-2

This feels like a typical Clemson basketball season -- rack up wins against a cupcake schedule while dropping one or two along the way. There's no shame in losing to UMass or Arkansas (on the road), but they lack a significant OOC win.

9-12. Virginia Tech/North Carolina State/Georgia Tech/Virginia

All of these teams have a bad loss (or two) on their resume. They have flaws, but they all have room for improvement.

13. Maryland -- 5-4

The win over Providence was nice... and that's about it. I will add that I'm not giving up yet, and neither should you. It should be noted, Maryland is actually higher in the KenPom rankings than Notre Dame (see, I can be positive).

14. Miami -- 5-5

A couple bad losses already for the Canes. They're missing Shane Larkin and others from last year in a big way.

15. Boston College -- 3-6

The only sub-.500 team in the ACC.