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Maryland Will Wear Black Version of Pride Uniforms Saturday Against Syracuse

The Terps will bring out the black version of their pride uniform for their game Saturday against the Orange.

Rob Carr

Maryland will bust out the black version of their pride uniform on Saturday when the Terps host Syracuse at Byrd Stadium. The uniforms tie into the University's quest to make Saturday a "blackout" game against the Orange, asking everyone to wear black when they attend the game. In case you forgot, here is what that version of the uniform looks like:

I'm personally very fond of this version of the pride uniform. It is a little less in your face than the white version of the uniform, but it still captures the state's flag colors. The question is whether the uniform will be tweaked at all to more closely resemble the red pride version of the uniform, where the Crossland Banner and Calvert black and gold checkered pattern both appear on each side of the helmet and shoulder pads.

Which is your favorite uni combo?