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Depth chart: Brown starter at quarterback, Larose at left tackle

Maryland is starting to get back to health ahead of Syracuse.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The newest depth chart is out, with plenty of changes.

Of note:

  • C.J. Brown is now the lone starter at quarterback, with Caleb Rowe as his backup. That's good news for Brown's health.
  • With Mike Madaras no longer on the team, true freshman Moise Larose is the new starting left tackle. That's two straight years that Maryland starts a true freshman at the all-important position (it was Madaras last year). Larose was previously the team's backup right tackle, an honor that now falls to Nick Klemm. Klemm is back on the depth chart for the first time this year, missing the first eight games with a foot injury.
  • Fullback Tyler Cierski is also on the depth chart for the first time this year, but as a backup to Kenneth Goins, Jr., who played very well in his absence.
  • Nigel King is back on top at one of the three wide receiver positions, supplanting Malcolm Culmer.
  • Andre Monroe has been kicked back outside to defensive end, with Alex Walker as the backup nose tackle. Roman Braglio is not listed on the depth chart.
  • Neither is Jeremiah Johnson, whose injury timetable has him returning for this game. His lack of placement on the depth chart means very little.
  • Matt Robinson is back on the depth chart at SAM, with Alex Twine backing him up.
  • L.A. Goree, Anthony Nixon and Brandon Ross, who all missed the Clemson game, are in their starting spots.
  • On special teams, Levern Jacobs is now the backup kick returner (over Jacquille Veii) and Michael Tart is the backup place kicker (over Brendan Magistro).