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Testudo Times Roundtable: Basketball heads to paradise

Can football win two in a row?

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

This is a huge weekend for the school with football looking to win two in a row and continue the salvage job on the season and basketball heads down to the Paradise Jam.

Q: We were all surprised by the victory over Virginia Tech, do you see Maryland winning their second in a row this weekend? (Game prediction)

Brendan: I'd like to think they could, but it won't be easy without Cole Farrand. Maryland 24, Boston College 21.

Todd: I hope so but after my horrendous weekend last week, I'm officially out of the prediction business.

Pete: Nope! I made my prediction in the preview, but BC is a very solid team.

Dave: Yes, but it ain't going to be easy without Farrand. C.J. is going to have to have a big game.

Q: If you see a win this weekend, could they finish the season winning three in a row?

Brendan: It's definitely possible. NC State is NOT good this year. If they win like I expect, I think we could see an 8-win season.

Todd: I'll go out on a limb and predict that if the Terps don't win Saturday, they won't finish the season with 3 in a row.

Pete: Absolutely. NC State is horrid -- perhaps worse than UVA. We can all just thank our lucky stars the two teams don't play each other.

Dave: Most definitely. Never pick State.

Q: Ultimately, what bowl do you see Maryland ending up in?

Brendan: I think the Military Bowl unless somehow the Music City Bowl comes into play.

Todd: I'm going all-out ACC conspiracy theory here and saying the bowl that will cost them the most (interms of guaranteed ticket allotment) and generate the least revenue.

Pete: Military Bowl unless they lose out, then Pinstripe Bowl.

Dave: I think Military WILL LIKELY be the bowl they play in, but it could be the AdvoCare V100 Bowl.

Q: Basketball *SHOULD* beat Marist, but after some surprises yesterday, do you see any scenario where Maryland loses?

Brendan: No, Maryland will look to rebound after their loss against Oregon State and Marist is a low-end MAAC team who have scored over 60 points just once.

Todd: I have to go with the big NO on this one. (I know I said I was out of the prediction business but I'd feel a bit foolish just not answering the question.

Pete: Sure! KenPom gives it about 10%, so I'm not going to say it can't happen (especially since Marist has some height). But I really, really don't see it happening.

Dave: If Maryland loses to Marist, the season is over. Barring some huge unforeseen, I see very little chance of this happening, but I do think the game will be close-ish in the 1st half.

Q: KenPom made Maryland the favorite for The Paradise Jam, do you agree?

Brendan: I'd like to think so, but they could always be upset if someone forces them into a bunch of turnovers again. I tend not to steer away from KenPom too often.

Todd: Hey, who am I to argue with KenPom?

Pete: Nah. I would say the Providence/Vanderbilt winner has the edge, and the reason the numbers favor Maryland is because that will be such a tough first game to get out of.

Dave: Until Maryland can show their ability to play defense, I don't think they should be the favorite. Additionally, Providence is a very good team. I'd definitely pick Providence to win it at this point.

Q: When do you see Roddy Peters taking over the PG position full-time?

Brendan: Hopefully today versus Marist.

Todd: I'm still operating on "In Turge I trust" mode so whenever he thinks the time is right.

Pete: In approximately two hours.

Dave: Today. I think you will see Roddy at the 2 some though, because he showed in the Oregon State game that he most definitely can score.