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Maryland Stock Report: It's opposite week in the stock report

Football, which had been looking down on it's luck, upset Virginia Tech. Basketball, on the other hand, dropped a home game against a bad Oregon State team.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

I'm still in shock that football won and basketball lost over the weekend. I don't know about you, but it's ... crazy.

Stock Rising:

This guy:

I don't care if you are upset with Edsall, just look at him. How happy does he look? He completely changed his tune in the post-game press conference this week. It's almost like someone told him what he said last week may have been a mistake.

QB C.J. Brown -- Was he back to his old self? Not quite, but he had 257 total yards and three touchdowns (two rushing) against a stout Virginia Tech defense. He looked much more dangerous than he did against Syracuse, so stock up.

PG Roddy Peters -- Well, his prospects as the starting point guard at least. It seems inevitable at this point that Peters will take over as the starting point guard sooner rather than later.

C Charles Mitchell -- It appears Mitchell might follow Peters into the starting lineup and supplant starter Shaquille Cleare. He has vastly out-played Cleare through three games, and while there is an argument to not fix what works with Mitchell, he deserves to be in the starting lineup.

Stock Holding:

Football Bowl hopes -- Yes, Maryland has six wins. Yes, they are bowl eligible. Yes, they will be going to a bowl. We just don't know which one yet. The Military Bowl is the best-case scenario, but it appears the AdvoCare v100 Bowl is also interested. Shreveport? Hard pass.

Basketball Tourney hopes -- It seems impossible to give up on the season already, so we are going to stay level-headed here. For now.

Stock Dropping:

Randy Edsall detractors -- Tough week for you, I know. The guy you hate most had an improbable win on the road against Virginia Tech.

Defense -- I guess that 29-0 run against Abilene Christian may have had more to do with it being Abilene Christian rather than Maryland's "elite" (your words, not mine) defense. Oregon State averaged 76.0 per game against Portland and Coppin State (in a loss, nonetheless).

Who do you have as rising and falling?