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Life Without Seth Allen: How His Injury Impacts Maryland

With Seth Allen out of commission until early January due to a fractured foot, we look at what his loss means for the Terps.

Paul Frederiksen-USA TODAY Sports

Coming into this season, one of the biggest question marks for Maryland's basketball team was point guard play. Last season, turnovers haunted Maryland and with the transfer of senior Pe'Shon Howard, Mark Turgeon was counting on sophomore Seth Allen and freshman Roddy Peters to run Maryland's offense. Seth had made a lot of progress over the summer, working to decrease his 23.8% turnover rate from last year, which ranked 62nd in the ACC, according to Kenpom. "Seth's come a long way" Mark Turgeon said back on Maryland's basketball media day.

But when Seth Allen fractured a bone in his foot on Tuesday, keeping him on the sidelines until early January, Mark Turgeon's team was again facing some uncertainty with their starting lineup and rotation, something he was hoping wouldn't be an issue after dealing with inconsistency last season. "Last year we were so inconsistent we had to change lineups" Turgeon said on October 8th. Now, less than a week before their first regular season game of the season, Maryland is trying to determine who will be the answer at point guard and also make up for Allen's production on offense.

While many are worried about how Allen's injury will impact the point guard position, even more concerning is determining how to overcome the loss of Allen's offensive production. Last season, Seth Allen was involved in 52% of Maryland's minutes played. On offense, as a team last season, the Terps scored 2,688 points. Alex Len, James Padgett and Pe'Shon Howard accounted for 753 of those points so with their departure, Maryland returned 1,935 of their 2,688 points from last season, or just under 72% of their offensive production. Of that 72%, Seth Allen accounted for 14.47% of Maryland's returning offense, with his 280 points scored last season. While other players will obviously increase their offensive production from last season and the addition of players to the roster such as Even Smotrycz and Roddy Peters will result in additional production, the loss of Allen's offense is another element that will likely impact Maryland during his absence.

Prior to his injury, Mark Turgeon emphasized Allen's scoring ability as a factor vital to Maryland's success this season. "He's such a dynamic scorer. Seth can get a shot whenever he wants to get a shot" Turgeon said. "Seth needs to score for us...he's just got to know when he's guarded and when he's not guarded. When Seth figures that out, he's a basketball player. Maybe not necessarily a point guard, but a basketball player."

Allen is also one of Maryland's best free throw shooters, making just under 74% of his shots at the line last season. In close games, Seth was one of the players you wanted on the line for the Terps, especially on a team that averaged just under 68% from the charity stripe last year, which ranked 9th in the ACC.

For now, Maryland will continue to determine how to replace a vital cog on their team. But they're going to be worrying about more than just who is running the offense.