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Ranking the ACC: Maryland rising in roller coaster season

The ACC makes no sense after the first two teams.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

I don't get Maryland the ACC.

1. Florida State (1) -- 10-0 (8-0 in the ACC) -- Last Week: 59-3 win over Syracuse

More of the same, although I guess they could try to score more than 59 points in a game.

Maryland lost 63-0 against the 'Noles.

2. Clemson (2) -- 9-1 (7-1) -- LW: 55-31 win over Georgia Tech

Clemson, while not in the title mix, is still in line for a BCS berth. Just need to get by South Carolina...

The Tigers tamed the Terps 40-27.

3. Duke (4/5) -- 8-2 (4-2) -- LW: 48-30 win over Miami

Duke is 8-2?


4. Virginia Tech (3) -- 7-4 (4-3) -- LW: 27-24 loss against Maryland

How did Virginia Tech lose to Maryland? Seriously. This team was dead in the water and somehow found a way to beat them.

Maryland knocked them off this weekend.

5/6. Miami and Georgia Tech

When asked about Duke taking the drivers seat to the ACC Coastal crown and an inevitable loss against Florida State...

7-12. Boston College/UNC/Pittsburgh/Maryland/Wake Forest/Syracuse

None of these teams have separated themselves from the other and as soon as one seems to pull ahead they crash and burn.

(Note: Florida State is the guy in the trucker hat drinking a beer cruising to the lead, so fitting.)

13/14. NC State and UVA

One of you is going to win a game soon, rig--

Past opponents:

  • FIU (1-9) - Fell 33-10 against 2-8 UTEP.
  • Old Dominion (8-3) - 42-14 win over Campbell.
  • UConn (0-9) - Things keep getting worse for UConn as they fell to SMU, 38-21.
  • West Virginia (4-7) - Holgo has to be angry about how this season is spiraling out of control after their 31-19 loss to Kansas. That was Kansas' first conference win since Nov. 6, 2010 (against Colorado).
Oh, I almost forgot...