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Yes, Maryland is going to a bowl game no matter what

No, they do not need another win to do so.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

With their sixth win of the season -- a dramatic, overtime walk-off win against Virginia Tech -- Maryland has secured their spot in postseason play. The Terps do not need another win to make a bowl game. This is a done deal.

I am writing this because multiple, multiple people seem to be unclear on the concept, so let this be the end all, be all explanation of why Maryland is guaranteed a postseason appearance. Remember: just because you don't think Maryland had a good year, that doesn't mean they won't make a bowl game.

1. Maryland is bowl eligible

That's a great start to things! Six wins means you can make a bowl game -- it's really the only requirement to do so.

2. Maryland's conference has a lot of bowl tie-ins

Eight, in fact! The ACC sends teams to the BCS, Chick-fil-A Bowl, Russell Athletic Bowl, Sun Bowl, Belk Bowl, Music City Bowl, AdvoCare V100 Bowl and the Military Bowl.

There are currently eight bowl eligible teams in the conference, with Syracuse, Wake Forest, North Carolina and Pitt all having shots at bowl berths. In all likelihood, two of the teams -- UNC and the winner of the Syracuse/Pitt game -- will also become bowl eligible.

3. Other conferences have lots of bowl tie-ins, as well, and they can't fill them

The Big 12, for instance, has seven bowl tie-ins, with only six eligible teams this season (that's a final number -- the rest are already ineligible). The SEC looks unlikely to fill their ten spots. Bowls will always pick an available power conference team over one from a smaller conference -- despite what you may think about Maryland fans, they'll certain travel better than Middle Tennessee State fans.

4. The Military Bowl and Maryland are a perfect match

The Military Bowl will be held in Annapolis this season, and it's hard to think of a better draw for them than Maryland. Again -- bowls pick based largely on attendance and financial factors, not on success in the season. If the Terps are available when the Military Bowl makes their pick (and their really isn't a reason to think they won't), it would be simply shocking if they were passed up.

So, to sum up -- Maryland already has the requirement for a bowl game, and when the Military Bowl makes their selection, there will not be a better option for them. If they somehow elect to go in another direction (an unlikely choice that I'm only bringing up for you ACC conspiracy nuts), Maryland will certainly fall to another open slot.