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Maryland-Virginia Tech score update: Terps trail 7-0 after one

It could certainly be worse -- Maryland trails Virginia Tech 7-0, and are driving down the field with the second quarter due to start.

Maryland's defense did well on their first Matt Robinson excellent play on a screen pass to force third-and-long, which led to a Hokie three-and-out.

The Terps started the next drive with a short pass to Kenneth Goins, who was hit hard and let go of the ball. Virginia Tech recovered, but the play was ruled an incomplete pass, giving the Terps another shot. Two plays later, a pass outside to Jacquille Veii (playing in the slot position) was dropped, forcing a punt.

The first first down of the game came on the first play of Virginia Tech's next drive, when Logan Thomas found D.J. Coles on a crossing route for a nice gain. The Hokies were able to drive down the field fairly quickly, led by a large gain to tight end Kalvin Cline and finished by a touchdown run from Trey Edmunds.

Maryland's offense continued its complete ineptitude on the next drive, losing yardage on a botched snap on first down, gaining two yards on a quarterback run and punting the ball after an incomplete pass.

Virginia Tech was able to move the offense down the field again, but Maryland forced a 34-yard field goal attempt by true freshman walk-on kicker Erik Kristensen (starting kicker Cody Journell was kicked off the team earlier in teh week). The field goal was missed, giving the Terps the ball.

Maryland got their first first down of the game on third-and-eight on the ensuing drive, when C.J. Brown broke to the right side for a 38-yard gain. Another first down happened later in the drive, when Brown found Amba Etta-Tawo on a curl route.