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TT Super Roundtable: Getting a win this month was fun

It had been a while since football had a win, so a win from the basketball team was refreshing.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Q: We all missed on the Syracuse game, where do you think the Terps went wrong?

Todd: This was simply an across the board failure beginning with the coaching staff. We all know the team has faced hard times because of injuries and as I stated elsewhere, Maryland is generally replacing four star players with three star players (and don't pick at me about his Diggsness - I wrote generally). However, Syracuse, at home, with a chance to become bowl eligible is a game Maryland should have won. And they should have come out of the locker room breathing fire. I've blathered on, I'm thinking about C.J. Brown, both lines being dominated, missed assignments. I simply can't think of anyplace the Terps went right.

Molly: A great deal of it has to fall on the coaching staff. Yes, we've been incredibly unfortunate with injuries again but coming out that lackluster has to fall on the coaches.

Brendan: The fact it came after a bye was the worst part about it. An extra week to prep and the team came out completely flat. At some point it was clear C.J. was getting crushed out there, and I was surprised Edsall didn't make a switch to Caleb Rowe just to see if he could jump start the offense. I don't know. Maybe I'm wrong and you stick with your guy, but it just felt like the offense needed something, anything, to get the offense going.

Q: What were your initial thoughts when you saw Randy Edsall's post game quotes?

Todd: I thought, "Nice leadership, Coach." And that has a /s attached since written sarcasm doesn't always jump off the page. For awhile this year, it seemed like Edsall had learned a bit from his past missteps and this seemed like backsliding. Then my opinion of his statement worsened when I heard the way Coach Turgeon take responsibility for the basketball team's flat start.

Molly: I was surprised he said it and wasn't happy to see him not taking any responsibility.

Brendan: I was stunned, honestly. As it was happening and I was tweeting out some of the quotes I just couldn't believe it. We'll see how it goes this week after Virginia Tech.

Q: Virginia Tech prediction?

Todd: Sadly, the Terps are the turkeys in this one. VT 34 MD 13.

Molly: I don't see Maryland winning this one either. VT 24, MD 10.

Brendan: Sadness, lots of sadness. Todd and Molly are giving Maryland too much credit on offense. Virginia Tech 27, Maryland 3.

Q: After two games what is your biggest takeaway from the basketball season?

Todd: As with last week, I've seen more of the women's team than the men's but it looks like progress needs to be made or we will have much to complain about when we reach the season's end.

Molly: I was still feeling pretty optimistic after the UConn loss but I'm a little less sure now. I didn't see the Abilene Christian game because I was in class, but never in a million years would I have expected us to be losing at halftime (even by just one). I'm giving the team the benefit of the doubt right now though and assuming the first half effort was the result of a letdown in going from playing a ranked team in an NBA arena to a team transitioning to D-I barely in front of a crowd.

Brendan: Well, it is still early -- thankfully. I like the resiliency from the team against UConn, but coming out flat against a transitional Division I team is inexcusable. The run at the end might give fans false confidence, this Abilene Christian team is not good.

Q: Other than point guard issues, are there any other concerns?

Todd: Low post offense from what I read. And frankly this team should be mature enough now not to come out the way they did against ACU.

Molly: I'm in agreement with Todd, I'd say low post is definitely an area of concern. Not a lot of depth there and Shaq's not getting it done right now.

Brendan: Three-point shooting. 4-for-18 against ACU is not good, and while I don't expect Smotrycz to go 0-for-4 every night, it is a little troubling.

Q: The women play UConn on Friday night and the men play Oregon State on Sunday -- Do the Terps go two-for-two?

Todd: I think so. With UConn coming in down two players and the Terps at home I expect them to win this game. Yes, UConn still has weapons and a championship pedigree but this is Maryland's game for the taking. As for Oregon State, I have to rely on the opinions of others that Maryland should have a solid advantage.

Molly: On Monday I would've said no, but after the news that Mosqueda-Lewis and Tuck will be out I think the women can and will take this one. And it will still be a huge win if it happens -- beating the No. 1 team is beating the No. 1 team, even if they're down a starter. However, I also wouldn't be surprised if UConn still wins. For the men, I'm definitely expecting a W.

Brendan: I'd like to think so, especially with the injuries UConn suffered.