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Ranking the ACC: Terps plummet in latest rankings

After the 20-3 debacle against Syracuse, Terps have to drop. A lot.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Florida State might be playing in the National Championship if they can avoid Clemsoning, you guys.

1. Florida State (1) -- 9-0 (7-0 in the ACC) -- LW: 59-3 win over Wake Forest

Wayne and Garth have it right, we're not worthy, 'Noles.

No shame in losing big to them, but even Bethune-Cookman had six points.

2. Clemson (2) -- 8-1 (6-1) -- LW: Bye

The Tigers close their conference slate with Georgia Tech this weekend, they'll have (basically) a week off before facing South Carolina in a game that could decide their BCS fate.

Maryland lost by less than they should have to them.

3. Virginia Tech (6) -- 7-3 (4-2) -- LW: 42-24 win over Miami

Raise your hand if you saw Virginia Tech scoring 42 points against Miami. No one? Yeah, I didn't think so. This team is somewhat bi-polar, but after that impressive of a win, they have to move up.

Maryland will lose there this weekend.

4/5. Georgia Tech and Duke

Georgia Tech had a bye and so did Duke, so neither is afforded the luxury of moving up in the rankings. What's that? Duke played NC State? Like I said, they both had a bye this past week.

(I'm as uncomfortable as you are having Duke this high up in the rankings, but we all have to have that come to Jesus moment where we admit Duke is actually winning games.)

6. Miami (3) -- 7-2 (3-2) -- LW: 42-24 loss to Virginia Tech

A 16-for-29 night for 329 yards and 2 touchdowns is about the stat line you should expect from Stephen Morris at this point. The lack of an interception (or three) is actually the surprise stat. Remember when people were discussing him as a possible second-day draft pick? Almost as strange as the Logan Thomas hype. Without Duke Johnson this team is one-dimensional and predictable.

7. Pittsburgh (muddled 8-12 tier) -- 5-4 (2-3) -- LW: 28-21 win over Notre Dame

It feels like whoever is in the seventh spot every week suffers a pretty embarrassing loss the following week. You're welcome, Pitt fans.

8-10. Syracuse/Boston College/North Carolina

11. Wake Forest (muddled 8-12 tier) -- 4-6 (2-5) -- LW: 59-3 win over Wake Forest

Losing big against Florida State -- there's no shame in it.

Maryland lost to them too.

12. Maryland (7) -- 5-4 (1-4) -- LW: 20-3 loss to Syracuse

It started off so well....


13/14. NC State and Virginia

Yeah, it was really tempting to add Maryland to this group, but Maryland has a win over one of them and has a chance to beat the other.

Past Opponents:

  • FIU lost 48-0 Middle Tennessee State and dropped to 1-8.
  • ODU beat 1-9 Idaho 59-38 to improve to the most misleading 7-3 in the country.
  • UConn lost to Louisville, but kept the game closer than I would have expected at 31-10. That probably doesn't make fans feel better about being winless though.
  • West Virginia hung with Texas, but fell in overtime, 47-40. The 'Eers are 4-6 on the year.
You're going to disagree with me somewhere. I thought I nailed it last week, but apparently not. I have no hope this week. Leave your rankings in the comments.