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Maryland Minute - 11.1.13 - Maryland-Syracuse game takes on historical significance

When Syracuse comes to College Park on Saturday, the Terps will try to right a past wrong

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

76 Years Later, Maryland Tries To Right A College Football Wrong
This is a crazy story I'd never heard but every Maryland fan should read. -Dave

Ranking the Terps: #8 and #9
Cool thing Shell Shocked is doing, where they asked a bunch of the local Maryland blogs to rank players on Maryland's roster. Check it out. -Dave

Terps point guard Seth Allen’s surgery went fine, so now what?
Alex Prewitt talks about what will become of the point guard position in Allen's absence.

Report: Kings won’t offer contract extension to Greivis Vasquez before Thursday’s deadline | ProBasketballTalk
The Kings are electing not to extend Greivis Vasquez's rookie contract into a long-term deal, but they're expecting him back next season.

KASINITZ: Terps football grades - The Diamondback : Gallery
The Diamondback grades the football team's performance so far.

Former Terps Stand Up for Gay Rights Leading Up to Olympics - Southern Maryland Headline News
Former Maryland athletes Hudson Taylor (wrestling) and Kristi Toliver are part of an official appeal asking the Olympic Committee to acknowledge that Russia's anti-gay laws violate the Olympic Charter before the 2014 Games in Sochi.