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Maryland Stock Report: Market crash

Not much positive can come out of a 63-0 loss, can it?

Jeff Gammons

Well, this was my original stock report:


However, I was instructed this was unacceptable. Although, I don't think anyone would blame me for doing it, right?

Stock Up:

QB C.J. Brown -- Well, in the fact his chest didn't cave in and he only has a concussion. He struggled in the game, but the fact he might be able to play again this season is a big boost for the Terps. Admittedly, I was expecting the absolute worst for the rest of this year.

WR Nigel King -- He came back healthy and made some plays when he was able to get the ball. With King back in the fold, and hopefully a healthy Brown, Maryland's offense will hopefully get back on track.

Stock Holding:

WR Stefon Diggs and Deon Long -- Not much they could do with the quarterback play they were getting. Long led the team in receiving again.

Coach Randy Edsall -- I'm not jumping ship... yet.

Stock Down:

The Offensive Line -- If the report that Florida State defenders knew the play Maryland was running based off the offensive line's stance is true... oh boy, that is trouble. It's clearly unacceptable, and something Maryland needs to fix immediately.

The Running Game -- No one was able to get anything going. Brandon Ross was trying to do too much and went East-West too much. Albert Reid hit holes hard, but they were clogged. Jacquille Veii had one good run (of seven yards) and not much else.

The Secondary -- I won't repeat Jameis Winston's stat line.

Did anyone have a good day in your eyes that I missed? Who else stood out for having a bad day (I didn't want to take everyone)?